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Version 0.17: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

The page provides a map of the various dungeon branches and how they interconnect. For tips and tricks on surviving the individual branches, see the walkthrough and the branches' pages. You can bring up an in-game overview of the Dungeon and its various branches and portals by pressing Ctrl-O.

Dungeon Overview

New characters start on level one of the Dungeon, except for Abyssal Knights, who begin in the Abyss.

There are a total of at least 100 levels in the game (plus two infinite realms).

In addition to the standard dungeon branches, all dungeons will contain a randomly selected variety of vaults with a specific design and theme, and portals to fantastic extra-dimensional realms.

Version 0.19 Dungeon Map Diagram

Miscellaneous Portals

Optional portals to fantastic extra-dimensional realms can be randomly found throughout the Dungeon and its branches. While none of these contain runes, they nearly always contain above-average loot and useful experience. If you know how to handle each one's theme, they can often be cleared without excessive risk. All such portals are single-entry only, and after you exit their realm, they will be gone along with anything you left inside.

Unless otherwise noted, all these portals are temporary, and will disappear if not entered within a certain length of time. There are actually two clocks running: a shorter countdown while you're on the level with the portal, and a longer one when you've gone to another level. If you stay on the level, you may receive increasingly-urgent messages as the timer runs out, and the portal's appearance (check with 'x', then 'v') may indicate how much of the timer has expired. When a portal on your current level expires, you will get a message to the effect of, "The walls and floor of the dungeon suddenly vibrate!" Portals will not start closing until you reach the floor that they are on, so there's no need to rush through early floors in order to access them.

  • Bailey portal.png Bailey - A keep guarded by gnolls, goblins, and/or orcs
  • Bazaar portal.png Bazaar - Shopping spree! Portals to bazaars are usually temporary but may rarely be permanent. Permanent ones will not be announced.
  • Ice cave portal.png Ice Cave - Freezing clouds, wild animals, and occasionally icy demons.
  • Labyrinth portal.png Labyrinth - A shifting maze with an exit at the center guarded by a minotaur. Bring extra food!
  • Ossuary portal.png Ossuary - A small tomb filled with the undead and mummies.
  • Sewer portal.png The Sewers - Fetid waterways teeming with rats, snakes, and occasionally nastier things.
  • Treasure trove portal.png Treasure trove - Contains several acquirement-level items, but getting in requires a rare and valuable item in return. Is always permanent.
  • Volcano portal.png Volcano - Fire and lava everywhere. Also lava-dwelling creatures.
  • Wizlab portal.png Wizard Laboratory - The abandoned laboratory of one of several famous mages.
  • Ziggurat portal.png Ziggurat - The ultimate challenge: 27 floors of increasingly difficult battles, but with riches untold for those who win through. Is always permanent, though frequently appears in the one-time-entry levels of Pandemonium.


The Lair was shorten to 6 levels and Slime Pits to 5 levels in 0.19

The lair branches were shortened from 5 to 4 levels in 0.17.

The Hall of Blades was removed in 0.15.

The Enchanted Forest was considered for inclusion in 0.14, but was eventually rejected after several months of play-testing in trunk. This branch would have occasionally replaced the Crypt.

The Spider's Nest was made a full-fledged branch in 0.11.