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*Attacking allied flora. (Piety loss)
*Attacking allied flora. (Piety loss)
*Allowing allied flora to die. Wandering mushrooms dying from running out of HD doesn't count. (Piety loss)
*Allowing allied flora to die. Wandering mushrooms dying from running out of HD doesn't count. (Piety loss)
*Using [[List of spells by flag#Corpse_violating|corpse-violating]] spells. These include Animate Dead and other spells that affect corpses or chunks, as well as [[Necromutation]] (which violates your ''own'' corpse). (Penance)
**[[Necromancy]] spells that don't affect corpses, such as [[Regeneration]], [[Pain]], [[Bolt of Draining]], or [[Sublimation of Blood]] are allowed, as is [[Corpse Rot]] (accelerated decay is still decay).
**If you are not sure whether a spell is allowed, check to see if it is highlighted in red.
==Given abilities==
==Given abilities==

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Version 0.24: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Fedhas altar.png "Spread life and death."
The god of plant and fungal life, Fedhas Madash demands that followers encourage the decomposition of corpses. Fedhas also forbids followers from harming any species under Fedhas' protection, and from using any necromantic effects that interfere with corpses. In return Fedhas grants a number of abilities that promote the growth of plants and fungi. These abilities may incidentally prove useful to adventurers.

Plants and fungi will not attack Fedhas' worshippers without provocation. Fedhas' worshippers may walk through plants or fungi, and even fire missiles or spells through them without causing harm. Fedhas grants the ability to promote plants and fungi into stronger species. Followers can eventually grow a wall of plants and create explosive spores from corpses. They are also granted some control over the weather, being able to call sunlight and eventually rainstorms.

Fedhas likes it when you promote the decay of nearby corpses by praying.

Fedhas dislikes it when you or your allies destroy plants or allied flora die. Fedhas strongly dislikes it when you use necromancy on corpses, chunks or skeletons.

Racial restrictions

Demigods are also unable to worship Fedhas (or any other god).



  • You or your allies destroying plants. (Piety loss)
  • Attacking allied flora. (Piety loss)
  • Allowing allied flora to die. Wandering mushrooms dying from running out of HD doesn't count. (Piety loss)

Given abilities

Piety level -: "Fungal"

  • All plants are friendly towards you. (Passive). Note this includes strong monsters like oklob plants and thorn hunters.
  • You can walk through plants, though it takes 50% longer than normal to do so. (Passive)
  • You can fire through all allied plant-type creatures without harming them. (Passive)

Piety level *: "Green [Species]"

  • No new abilities.

Piety level **: "Cultivator"

Piety level ***: "Fruitful"

  • You can grow a ballistomycete, which can damage and confuse enemy monsters. Or you and your allies if you're not careful!

Piety level ****: "Photosynthesist"

  • You can transform dungeon walls and trees into plant allies.

Piety level *****: "Green Death"

Piety level ******: "Force of Nature"

  • No new abilities.

Plants spawned by Fedhas are improved by Invocations skill; eg, oklobs' rate of fire is improved.


Fedhas does not appreciate abandonment, and will call down fearful punishments on disloyal followers!

It is Fedhas's considered opinion that offenders against the natural order (Fedhas) simply need more exposure to nature to realize the error of their ways. Accordingly, Fedhas provides said nature, in the form of pure elemental destruction, waves of giant spores rising from nearby corpses, and, for the truly incorrigible, surrounding rings of animate mushrooms and acid-spitting oklobs.

During penance, Fedhas will occasionally punish you with one of the following forms of divine retribution:

  • The elements will be invoked against you. This equates to a random Ice Magic, Earth Magic, Fire Magic, or Air Magic miscast.
  • Hostile plants (biased towards oklobs) will grow around you. This effect will only happen when abandoning Fedhas, never when simply under penance.
  • Corpses in line of sight will produce hostile spores.
  • All previously neutral or allied plants will also turn hostile upon abandonment or excommunication.


  • Along with improving your ability success rate, improving Invocations also improves the HD of your summons. In general, this increases HP and damage, although for oklob plants it increase fire speed instead of damage.


  • prior to 0.24, Fedhas did not allow the undead to worship them, and Fedhas abilities had a food cost. In addition to that Fedhas' abilities were greatly reworked.
  • Prior to 0.22, Evolution was granted at *, and Sunlight was granted at **.
  • Prior to 0.21, Fedhas abilities used fruits rather than rations.
  • Prior to 0.15, worshipers of Fedhas could not cast Sublimation of Blood without incurring piety loss and/or penance.
  • Prior to 0.8, Decomposition was accomplished as an ability, not through prayer.
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