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This page is about the player species. For the monster, see Felid (monster).

Felids are a breed of cats that have been granted sentience. Originally they were witches' familiars that were magically augmented to provide help for their masters' rituals, yet many have abandoned, outlived, or, in at least one case, ripped to shreds their former masters and gone out into the world.

While fully capable of using speech and most forms of magic, Felids are at a serious disadvantage due to their inability to use armour or weapons, or even grasping items well enough to throw a dart or point a wand. They can use their mouths and paws for simple manipulation like uncorking a bottle or unrolling a scroll. Like all cats, Felids are incapable of thriving on vegetable food, and need meat to survive.

Their agility and stealth are legendary, as is their ability to get to hard to reach places. They move faster than most races, but don't run as fast as horses or Spriggans. Felids advance in levels very slowly, and are not very gifted in directly damaging magic, but make good summoners, enchanters or transmuters.

The tale of a Felid who had nine lives isn't far from truth, as well.

Innate Abilities

Preferred Classes

Felids prefer to become Fighters, Monks, Berserkers, Transmuters, Warpers, Summoners, Necromancers, and Venom Mages.

Due to their inability to use most items, Felids are prohibited from becoming Gladiators, Hunters, Assassins, Arcane Marksmen, and Artificers. (Without weapons, armour, or wands, most of those are indistinguishable from Monks, so use that instead.)

Level Bonuses

  • Felids get an Intelligence or Dexterity (equal chance) increase every 5 levels starting at level 5.
  • Felids have 40% less HP than average.
  • Felids have 20% more MP than average.
  • Felids' intrinsic magic resistance increases by 6, every level.
  • Every three levels you get an extra life:
    • When using a life, your stats, HP, and MP are completely restored. Any disease, rotting, or magic contamination is removed. Your stomach is content. All mutations except your innate abilities are removed. You are randomly teleported away from the location of your death, usually to a safe area, and you retain all of your previous inventory items. You lose an entire experience level, but retain your skills progress.
    • You may have at most two extra lives at a time. If you miss gaining an extra life because you already had two, you will gain that life the next time you gain a level with fewer than 2 lives (but you may gain at most one life per level).
    • You may check how many extra lives you have, and how many times you have died, on the % screen, just below "Spells".
    • You continue gaining extra lives past level 27, at XP totals following the same quadratic progression as levels 14 through 27.
  • Your fur is upgraded to thick fur (AC +2) at level 6. Your thick fur is upgraded to thick and shaggy fur (AC +3, rC+) at level 12.

Difficulty of Play


Although experienced players may find Felids limited due to the absence of some standard character features, the Felid inability to use weapons, armours and wands means the game becomes simpler, reducing the number of options presented to newer players. Felid multiple lives mean that players are encouraged to try new approaches to problems without completely risking their characters. A Felid berserker is probably the simplest combination strong enough to win, although it is extremely challenging to play a berserker with no armour and -40% health.

General Felid Strategies

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Skill aptitudes

The higher the value, the better the aptitude.

Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude
Attack Miscellaneous Magic
Fighting 0 Armour N/A Spellcasting 0
Short Blades N/A Dodging +3 Conjurations -1
Long Blades N/A Stealth +3 Hexes +4
Axes N/A Stabbing +3 Charms +2
Maces & Flails N/A Shields 0 Summonings 0
Polearms N/A Traps +2 Necromancy 0
Staves N/A Translocations +4
Unarmed Combat 0 Transmutation +1
Fire Magic -1
Throwing N/A Ice Magic -2 Invocations -1
Slings N/A Air Magic -1 Evocations +1
Bows N/A Earth Magic -2
Crossbows N/A Poison Magic -1 Experience 140


After a death, should you venture to the location of your demise, you will find a Felid corpse labeled "felid corpse of (player name)." If you were under the effects of Spider Form or the like when you died, your corpse will reflect it.