Frostbyte the Ice Lord

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This page is a Diary of a Crawler, the journal of an individual character. This page probably contains spoilers.

This is the diary of Frostbyte, a Deep Elf Ice Elementalist.

I have awoken from my ancient slumber, again at the entrance to that accursed dungeon. Around me are the same stone walls I have seen life after life, and I examine my being to see what the great Lord Vehumet has granted me for a body. And elf. Perfect. The Ice Lord has risen once again.

The Beginning, again:

D1: I have taken to wandering the upper dungeon as I know so well, slaughtering the weak vermin that live in the crevasses, feeding my power. Already I have learned to throw frost once again, and I am exhilarated at the power contained in the elf. Vehumet has treated me well.

D2: The hobgoblins have bred in the years of my absence! I was hunted through corridors until I turned to fight them, stealing their heat and freezing their bones so they died in their tracks. More power. Another spell. Ozocubu's Armor is such a useful one...too bad I had to kill the old fool before he created more spells of ice. We can't have anyone growing more powerful than the Ice Lord, can we?

Jessica! Her magical darts were aimed poorly and only three bursts of frost were required to dispatch her. I was struck only by one dart, but it only made her flesh taste that much better. Her robe was slightly enchanted as well. Did I say HER robe? I meant MY robe.

What's this? Some strange shrine has been build into the dungeon wall. I enter, cautiously, through the hall until I notice a small door at the end. I open it, half expecting treasure or another band of hobgoblins, and lo and behold there is an alter. To Sif Muna no less. How quaint. She is a vain god, only concerned with learning, not unleashing to true power spells behold. I freeze the alter before slamming the door on the pagan shrine.

D3: A snake presented some trouble, poisoning the poor elf's body, but it was only minor, and it was dispatched with ease. There were a few goodies lying around: Meat, gold, scrolls, potions, and it almost seems as if the snake was hording them. Strange.

A sludge elf earth elementalist's ghost! The pale visage advanced but never cast spells, falling after receiving a few well-placed frost spells. The ghost muttered it's name just before it's destruction: "Tectonic." I have not had pleasant experiences with ghosts, especially the ones whose bodies I once inhabited. I shiver at the memory of their hatred and torment, and move on. There is much to destroy.

D4: Finally! The temple! I almost trip in anticipation, ignoring the sleeping creatures all around me as I hurry down the stairs, searching for the altar of Vehumet. Soon, I found it, praying to Vehumet, thanking him for my new form, and asking for his gifts. He recognizes my voice, but he will not award me until I prove that this body can finish the task. I must retrieve the orb. It is the only way to be released from this accursed dungeon, to wreak havoc on the surface-dwellers! Vehumet's destruction will spread across the world, as the Hells freeze over! I stand motionless, giddy with anticipation. I pray one last time to Vehumet, and return to the dungeon, the consciousness of a god on my shoulders.

I wander through the corridors, blasting every living (and undead, although I have not found any yet) creature within sight. Soon, I had wandered upon a shop! Good. I bought several items to be identified: A scroll of curse armor, a scroll of immolation, and a scroll of identify. Wonderful.

On my way back from the shop, I notice the fountains by the temple are sparkling, flowing with an ancient magic. I must not have noticed it in my rush to greet Vehumet, but now I crave the magical water, and I drink deep and long from the fountains, lifting my head only after I felt the waters changing my very being. The world seemed slightly blurry, and I could not clear the sensation from my eyes. Not good. Then I noticed how much stronger I felt. So much more...robust. 20% more robust, to be in fact. Good. I move on, content with my find.

D5: Oh no! A centaur! And an orcish priest! I cannot fight them with the power I currently posses! I flee up the stairs, arrows thumping into my back, blood gushing on the steps as I falter at the top, collapsing into a pile of oozing, sticky blood. But I am alive. I drink a potion to cure the immediate injuries, and rest, thanking Vehumet that I am still alive. I go to another set of stairs and creep down, cautiously.

Again, the orc is there! This time with a wizard! I dispatch them both with an Ice Bolt each, and look around for that accursed centaur, but he is nowhere to be found. I continue to creep along the walls, and as I round an outcropping I see the centaur, bow notched and aimed right at my head! I duck just in time for the arrow to whiz by, and I leap forwards, towards the beast, but it shys away, trying in vain to let go of it's bow so it can fight. I laugh. The monster had a cursed bow. How amusing. It died frozen to the wall with the bow still attached to its dead hands.

More dungeon, more monsters. The only noteworthy events were: the quick killing of another centaur, a book, and a bug fight. The centaur is hardly worth mentioning, and his corpse, pinned to the wall by a spear of ice, is even less noteworthy, but the book was much more interesting. It had a teal-green cover, and upon opening it I was fire spells. How barbaric. I threw the book aside and continued on, until I was pinned on either side by an ant and a scorpion. In a panic, I zapped the ant with my wand, and it turned against the scorpion, mandibles clenching on the tail! A wand of enslavement! What luck! The scorpion tore the ant's head clean off, so I zapped it was well, ordering it to wander around as I made my escape. Smooth. This floor is clear, and there are a few more levels to go before I report back here. May Vehumet guild you to the destruction of others.

The Hordes Cometh:

D8: I continued my rain of destruction for just a little while longer until I heard what sounded like gibbering kobolds. Eager for the easy targets they presented, I charged down a hallway at one poor sap, freezing him in midspeech where he stood. Suddenly, the dungeon went quiet. Not an echo, not a scurry, not a noise. I turn to look down the doorway where he came from and froze myself, as the twenty or so Kobolds and big Kobolds stared back, then they screamed a bloodthirsy battlecry and charged forwards, all of them! I turned, ran for the stairs, the Kobolds right behind me when I had an idea. I turned around at the end of the hall, zapping one of my wands at the closest kobold, and was exstatic to see a bolt of lightning shoot through him and the horde behind him, bouncing on a wall and coming back, shocking them again. I felt the glee of slaughter again as I struck them with the bolts again and again and again, until the last few kobolds stood among their sizzling brethren, only to be skewered on ice bolts like chunks of meat. I dropped the wand, empty of charges, and laughed, Vehumet laughing beside me. I felt his pleasure and his gifts were bestowed upon me in haste. It has begun. The Ice Lord has returned. Exhilarated by my victory, I sped throught the rest of that dungon level, delivering an icy death to everything, EVERYTHING, that stood in my path. After much slaughter, I realized that something was amiss. Slurp. A jelly? Slurp. Slurp. Slurp x 10. NO! The Kobold army's weapons and armor! The jelly was creating a horde of it's own! I ran back to the kobold corpes to find nothing -NOTHING- left. In my fury I shouted and cursed, and a jelly appeared at the far end of the hallway, slurping towards me. I fired and Ice Bolt at it, splitting the thing in half, and I watched as the halves wriggeled. Another jelly rounded the corner. And another. And another. Soon there were at least ten Jellies, and I fought fiercely, tearing them apart, freezing them, battering them with ice and cold until, at last, they all were dead. By this time I had gained power, and a lot of it. I reveled in my newfound abilities, slaying Sigmund with little but a thought, taking his robe for my own (+2), cutting him up with his own sythe, and eating what was left. I preceded down the stairs, victorious. But again I heard chattering. It was far too gutteral to be Kobold, so I assumed it must be orcish, and I rounded another corner to find another horde.

D9: The fight was brutal, grueling, and painful for both sides, but I emerged the victor, using their own warriors against them by enslaving them with my wand. Their kills fed my energy, and orc after orc fell until the room was silent. But not entirely silent. Still, far off, I heard more gutteral noises. "Survivors," I had thought foolishly, and I ran ahead, making much noise until I saw ANOTHER orcish army. The orcs must have not forgotten me and my raids on their mines, long, long ago, and they fought ferociously again, but a new wand of cold proved to be quite effective against the horde. Another horde was dead, and again I felt the surge of strength, and I went forward again, to more orcish noises to yet another horde. This one provided no threat whatsoever, and their corpses were flavored with sweet victory. On I forged, until I came upon a break in the dungeon wall. An opening loomed, large and ominous, and I went inside to find lizards. Large, large, lizards. Komodo dragons, steam dragons, giant lizards, and giant iguanas all swarmed from the crevasse, and they were all met with icy blasts and screams of cold rage. I stepped gingerly throught the fallen corpses to see a gaping hole in the floor, animal noises and oozing filth rose from the hole in a steam, and I took a deep breath, and headed in.

My power is increasing. I can feel Vehumet's pride and ice in my veins as I stride forward, destruction filling my mind. This lair will prove no more difficult than fighting an angry child.

The Lair:

My prediction soon came true, and I was tearing throught the lair with no opposition. Not even hydras dare came within my range of sight, and as soon as they did, icy blasts sent them scurrying away, only to be pinned to a wall by an icy spear, sliding down the rough walls as it melted. As I destroyed the lair, Vehumet's prescence grew, and he soon showered me with gifts of spellbooks and abilities. I learned Bolt of Cold, repel missiles, and detect traps from miscillanious spellbooks, and in no time I could feel sheets of ice sliding off me with a clink onto the stone below me, frost springing up in my footsteps and death in my eyes.

I'm back.

After reading a few scrolls I was given an abomination. I decided to name it "Hulk," and it took to the name with vigor, smashing creatures not worth my attention, like rats or dogs. However, after testing potions, I drank a potion of confusion, and I slapped Hulk in the process, angering the little thing. As soon as I had my wits about me I froze the abomination, but I miss Hulk. A scroll of aquirement gave me a staff of cold, and sheer luck granted me a staff of energy, allowing me to switch between the two when casting spells. A bazaar sold me a wand of healing, and I now felt invincible. My power was growing and growing, and the creatures of the dungeon outside were beginning to utter my name with dreaded aniticipation. I'm heading back to the dungeon to slaughter a few innocents before preceding to the Swamps, where the first rune awaits me like it has so many times before. I wish there were more to report, but the lair contained little but easy prey.

The Swamps:

S1: After killing a few hapless monsters I barged into the Swamps, splashing around as if I owned the place. Could I not see that it's inhabitants had been given hundreds of years to recuperate from my last siege? I felt invincible after all this body had gone through, but that feeling vanished as a swamp worm sprung from the water to sink it's teeth into my torso, nearly ripping me apart. I barely killed it with a bolt of cold, and had I not frozen the monster immediately I would be just another set of bones in the shallows. The mortality of this body struck me, and I steered clear from the water and murk, only stepping in after blasting every living creature in sight, and even then I tread cautiously. I happened across a lava flow, boiling it's way through the swamps, and I killed it's residents. It was like shooting lava worms in a bauxite barrel. With this floor clear, I continued downwards.

S2: The second floor was much like the first: Lots of water, worms, and hydras. Nothing special.

S3: As I was wandering the third floor, after shooting a few worms in the water, Vehumet decided to grant me his final book: Demonology. I stared at the book for some time, thinking, remembering. I had, before, learned from the book out of sheer curiosity, only to find out that the demons are not forever bound to you. I still remember the lightning ripping through me as I had died, and I did not want to repeat that experience. I almost through the book into the water, but refrained for no reason other than Abjuration, which the book contains. I have left it on the floor for now.

Ah! A scroll of vorpalize weapon! I briefly considered vorpalizing my hands, but I doubted that it would have any effect, and I ended up dropping the sroll. Oh well. Maybe some day I will be able to turn my bare hands into ripping machines without the help of a spell. I'll still to shooting things instead, anyways.

S4: There have always been a few things that I will forever remember, life after life. The crunch of frozen hydra flesh is not a good memory.

S5: The final floor, if I remembered correctly. I used a scroll of magical mapping to find then den of hydras and dragons. Where they were, the run would be. I crept silently to the entrance, drank a potion of invisibility, and turned the entire den into a swirling vortex of ice and sleet. I repeated the spell until I could barely see through the blizzard, and all about me I could hear the screams of pain and the thudding of bodies to the floor. They did not see me, could not sense me, and they could only wander around in the vortex until the ice claimed their lives and robbed them of their warmth. When the storm had settled and the last dragons had fallen, I looked inside to see the chamber. The walls were smooth, as if they had been sand blasted (that must have been from the storm) and the torn carcasses of the dragons and hydras littered the floor like heavy, dead dolls. I made my way to the back of the room and picked up the glowing rune, elated to feel it's power once again.

The Snake Pits

P1: The snake pits are a unique venture for me every time. While the screams of pain and agony remain as they were one hundred years ago, the Pit seems to twist and...slither... through the years. That being said, there were long hallways, begging to have lethal bolts of ice hurled down them upon unsuspecting foes, and I began to enjoy myself, seeing how many nagas I could coax into stepping into storms of ice and sleet.

P2-P4: Slaughter.

P5: Here came the tricky part. I knew the greater nagas were no easy prey. Filled with vile venom spells, usually hasted and having enormous amounts of health, I knew I had to kill them either one-by-one or all at once. I decided to use a spell that I had learned earlier: Ozucubu's Refridgeration. Since this spell is widely unused, I will tell you what it does. It freezes the very air. Yes, as far as you can see, the air (and creatures) are frozen, their heat slain from their very bodies. And the best part? They won't even wake up. Knowing this, I crept quietly down the stairs, putting on protectors from the cold: rings, my staff, and cold resistant armor. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I looked around in the gloom and saw nagas, row after row of them, resting in their ceremonial guard formations. I silently rested the butt of my staff on the floor, and sucked the heat from the room. They froze, silently and without notice, one after the other, their corpses falling into crunching heaps on the floor. Vehumet, greatly pleased with my choice of spell, granted me magic over and over, fueling my rapid theft of life and warmth. Soon, not a single naga stood, each dead on the floor, clutching their weapons with their eyes shut, as if in peaceful sleep. And there, in the back of the room, was another rune. The shifting serpentine pattern flowed across it's face, and I picked it up and regressed back to the dungeon, leaving in my wake an icy tomb.

The Dungeon

The time had come for me to re-own what was once mine! I burst from the Lair, icy burst flying, and I tore my way through the dungeon, devastating the inhabitants with a vicious vengeance! How they screamed! The dungeon walls were stained with nevermelting ice, the corpses preserved under thick sheets like flies in amber, and I had no mercy. Not a soul stood in my way, and I destroyed everything all the way down to the twenty-seventh floor. I only stopped when the shifting purple gate of Zot halted my progress. I gazed at the gateway, and I could feel the orb calling to me, promising my release, begging to be freed as well, hinting at the wonderful consequences of freedom. I remembered that I needed a third rune, and, with a bit of longing, headed up the dungeon to the iron gate of the Vaults.

The Vaults

V1-V7: The creatures of the vault were as cold and hard as the metal walls themselves, and half as pleasant to look at. Yaktaurs, stone giants, endless zombies and skeletons, and slime creatures plagued me. My energies were consumed several times without eliminating the attacking hordes, and I was forced to retreat up the stairs each time, regenerating my magical energies before enchanting myself and tearing through the monsters below me. As for equipment, nothing was found. Nothing. A scroll of aquirement provided only a ring of levitation (my fourth one), and I dropped it in disgust. Hopefully I will be given something useful next time I use one of those scrolls.

V8: Again, here came the tricky part. The vaults were moderately difficult, but the final floor of the vaults was far more difficult than many branches of the dungeon combined. There were dragons of all sorts, even the rare Shadow Dragons, it had titans, hundreds of stone giants, and even more Yaktaurs. I knew this place to be deadly and dangerous. But even more dangerous for the unprepared were the guards. They themselves were a challenge to kill, with at least twenty or so surrounding the stairs, but even deadlier are their shouts of pain or surprise. Their cries can bring all kinds of horrible creatures from across the floor, and defeating them takes time, skill, and a whole lot of luck. I was determined to make sure they would never make a sound. Invisible again, I crept down the stairs, and, like in the Snake Pits, I froze them all in their sleep. Perfect. I swiftly entered the most secure vault, full of large, square rooms and wonderfully long hallways(did I mention that I enjoy hallways?), it also contained the most loot and prizes. I went down the long, two-wide corridor to the first treasure room and saw a horde of giants and yaktuars, with a titan and shadow dragon in the back. Luckily, in the front, were freezing wraiths, and the creatures behind them didn't want to shoot past them into me, so I froze the hallway with Refrigeration, killing all but the dragon and wraiths. Vehumet's satisfaction and magical energy empowered me enough to Ice Bolt the wraiths and dragon down without being touched, and I looted the rooms, stealing their treasures. Next came the grid of steel, full of giants. I had found a book of Divinations in the treasure vaults, and I learned several spells before proceeding, the first being detect creatures. Each giant in the grid was snuck up upon, and I stole their heat, killing them in their sleep like the guards. There was no treasure, and, unfortunately, no rune. I continued on to the third vault, shaped like a square doughnut, and retrieved it's treasure and killed it's guardians as well. Nothing interesting, but even worse, no rune. The last vault awaited me, it's giant vaulting ceilings echoing my footsteps through the large open space. I had died here once before. It was not a pretty death. I hugged the left wall, creeping like vermin along the smooth metal surface, engravings of the countless deaths of thieves periodically scraping along my back, until I saw the first corner. There was nothing guarding the gold and ring there, so I helped myself to them and moved along, creeping and creeping until I saw the first guardian. It was a stone giant, and he froze quickly, but not quick enough. He woke up, blinking frost form his eyelids, screaming in pain and fury, and it hurled a boulder at me before succumbing to the cold. Soon, the rest of the guards burst from the shadows, and I shrieked in terror. A lich. The very same that had killed me, and he had bred himself some dragon guards, a shadow dragon and storm dragon, each very unhappy to see me. I hasted myself and ran, screaming, to the stairwell, where I regained some of my courage and turned to face the first dragon, prepared to flee up the stairs at a moment's notice, and my first volley of ice bolts only moderatly wounded the shadow dragon. It shot a bolt of draining at me, and I dodged, firing several more bolts until the thing died on the cold floor. Next came the storm dragon, and soon it was lying beside the shadow dragon, huge bolts of ice sticking from it's back and chest. I felt drained, and fled up the stairs to recover my magic. Hasting and enchanting myself, I hesitantly stepped down the stairs to fight the lich. When I reached the bottom, he was not there. Odd. I took a step towards the large metal room. Nothing. Another step. Nothing. Another step. With a scream of hatred, the lich flung itself from behind the metal walls, firing an iron bolt at me that I barely dodged, the thick metal spear thumping into the soft iron wall behind me, and I unloaded everything I had on the lich. Bolts, coulds, and icy spells flew every which way, and the lich had only the time to try and turn invisible to run before the final spell shattered his bones. I stood, panting over the undead corpse, and I laughed. Crazed, raucous laughter reverberating off the harsh metal walls, and I strode forward to the rune, wedge in the corner at the far end of the room, and I took it, power and victory filling my mind like a drug. Power is such a wonderful thing.

The Slime Pits

M1: As much as I would have loved to dash into Zot and retrieve my Orb, I knew I did not have the power to do so. There was much to be gained before I reached my maximum potential, but I felt I was close. I remembered an ancient city of slime that was crumbling at the time of my last death, so I traveled there to kill the slimes without their organized resistance. On the first floor I found a book. A book of practical magic. Wonderful. I learned Selective amnesia and removed several spells that were clogging my memory. With all the space open for learning, I learned my ancient spell of destruction: Ice Storm. Giddy to use it once again, I stormed my way through the slime pits, all the way to floor 6.

M6: The slime citadel still stood, so I decided to be a little more careful when attacking this time. I used Bolt of Cold for it's silent killing power, and I snuck as close as I could to the Royal Jelly, still encased in the ancient stone structure. As soon as I could see it, I hasted myself and froze it in it's sleep until it awakened, and I fled outside the citadel and awaited it's blind charge. And charge it did, popping from the corridors with a slurping noise, and it was met with and ice storm, ripping it apart and destroying the slimes it created instantly. Once more Ice Storm and it was dead, and in a blinding flash of light the citadel turned into glass, revealing the ancient treasures of the slime city, encased from the mindless jellies that roamed the Pits now. I disintigrated a single glass wall for each corner of the citadel, and reaped the rewards with fabulous jewelry, armor, scrolls, and artifacts. I was strong, but I knew I still wasn't strong enough.

The Hall of Blades

B1: The Halls were a shooting gallery. Ice Storm made so much noise that every dancing weapon from all around came to the sound, and none were able to survive one Ice Storm, and Vehumet fueled my magic, so eliminating every dancing weapon was a simple task. I left the halls, close to the power I knew was necessary. The final peak of power that a single body can hold.

The Crypt

C1-5: I have never been fond of the Crypt, and I am beginning to believe that the creatures of the Crypt spawn from the very walls themselves. Nevertheless, liches were simple to kill with Ice Storm, much less minor skeletons or zombies.


Z1: I was ready. I felt prepared. I had become quite adapt at Divinations, and everything in an entire floor could be revealed to me with but a thought. I boldly entered the gate and blinked in the dim colored glow of the walls. It was strange. I had never been within the realm of a god before, and the dragon god Zot was a strange one at that. Draconians and dragons populated the corridors, dispatched with two ice storms at the most. With my newfound third eye, I could kill many of them before they rounded a corridor to see me. It was a simple task killing the beasts, and even easier to kill electricity golems, who died with just one storm. I was taking no chances.

Z2: More draconians. I accidentally hit myself with one of my own storms, nearly killing me instantly. My wand of healing was able to save my life, but the scars will forever remain. I will be sure to never hit myself with this spell ever again.

Z3: Dragons, draconians and golems. It is becoming a normal (but tedious) cycle. Kill, eat, kill some more. One wonderful thing happened that was exceptionally lucky, to break my cycle. A white draconian normally receives minimal damage from the ice part of an ice storm, but this one seemed to be taking none at all from the elements, taking a full three storms to finally bring down. Curious, I examined his robe and found it to be a +2 robe of resistance! Perfect! I now resist the elements in their entirety. For good measure, I enchanted it to +3.

Z4: I have finally mastered spellcasting. Ice Magic, Conjurations, and Spellcasting are normally my specialties, but now they are my art form. I can cast many, many spells without hungering whatsoever, and only ice storm makes my tummy rumble after long chains of casting. I am one with ice and magic, a being infused of raw power and energies, and I am showing through the elf's body, shedding it like a husk. It is time.

Z5: I strode into the antechamber, blasting the guardians out of the air with bolts of cold. I detected every trap, every monster, every nook and cranny that the dungeon had to offer, and I could see them all. All those usurpers of my Orb, guarding it jealously because they themselves cannot use it or are bound to protect it, every one was within sight of my third eye. The second chamber, the one to the right, contained only a dragon, which was also dispatched with a bolt of cold. Not a noise had been made, not yet. The weaklings seemed to be hiding, cowering in the darkest corner, and as soon as I knew they were just out of sight range, I sent such a massive wave of icy explosions that Cocytus itself looked tame, even the great demon lords themselves would have look on with pity at the sheer magnitude of the blizzard that was fired at them. Orbs of fire, ancient liches, electricity golems, Xtahua, and ancient ghosts of powerful explorers were torn to unregocnizable shreds as the storm ripped through them, boring a massive hole in the wall, leaving nothing but water and blood on the floor. I resisted the urge to laugh like I had over the corpse of the lich, and I turned to see it...the orb...shining and glistening on the shifting purple floor, the golden casing writhing like a hundred snakes as I picked it up, and let the laugh out of me as the demons rose from the floor. The demons were fast, but I was faster, hasted and fleeing up the stairs before they could take a swipe at me. I ran like hell, ran as if the ground was trying to eat my itself(I'm sure it was).


Z4: Up to Zot 4, and I kept going, up and up and up, only encountering a tentacled monstrosity on the way. Z3: A demon lord of Pandemonium rose from the floor before me, only to be torn apart by two ice storms. I ran straight through the icy crystals, taking no heed to the cold. Z2: Assyqur the pandemonium lord! RUN! Faster and faster I ran, wishing the elf was stronger. Z1: A draconian! KILL! D27:I could feel the orb's power taking hold of me! I felt the freedom! I felt I could shed the enchantment binding me to this place and escape! D26:Paqy the pandemonium lord blocks my path! NO! I haste myself and kill the thing before it has a chance to move, my storm tore through the dungeon, disintigrating the demons in it's path, and I ran through it's wake, up to the next flight of stairs! D25-23: The demons are were much more cautious after seeing one of their lords die so horribly, and they seemed to hold back, waiting, watching. D22: I was almost to the next flight of stairs when the ground opened up before me and belched out Kha Saod the pandemonium lord, and it threw a firestorm at me, destroying my icy shields! I was nearly dead! If it were not for my robe I would have surely died. Firing storms back at the demon until it was dead, I hurried on, casting regeneration on myself to heal as I ran. D21-3: Faster and faster I tore through the dungeon, lungs burning, legs on fire, and I was almost there! D2: NO! Another demon lord! Thrud the pandemonium lord hit me with a storm, and I bolted down a corridor, and up the set of stairs to the first floor. D1: This is it! I disintegrate my way to the final set of stairs and escape to the world above, free to destroy in the name of Vehumet. All fear the Ice Lord! I have arisen!


Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.5 (crawl-ref) character file.

1598415 Frostbyte the Annihilator (level 27, 87/87 HPs)

            Began as a Deep Elf Ice Elementalist on July 27, 2009.
            Was the Champion of Vehumet.
            Escaped with the Orb
            ... and 4 runes (of 4 types) on July 31, 2009!
            The game lasted 08:23:21 (157409 turns).

Frostbyte the Annihilator (Deep Elf Ice Elementalist) Turns: 157409, Time: 08:23:21

HP 87/87 AC 15 Str 10 Exp: 27/1673377 (18079) MP 50/50 EV 22 Int 35 God: Vehumet ****** Gold 7157 SH 0 Dex 18 Spells: 18 memorised, 5 levels left

Res.Fire  : + + + See Invis. : . j - staff of cold Res.Cold  : + + + Warding  : + B - +3 robe {rC+ rF+} Life Prot.: . . . Conserve  : . (no shield) Res.Poison: . Res.Corr.  : . X - +1 helmet {Int+3} Res.Elec. : + Clarity  : . Y - +1 cloak of Xoegioc {EV+5}

                                    n - +2 pair of dwarf gloves

Sust.Abil.: . Rnd.Telep. : . g - +2 pair of boots of the Assassin {+Inv Dex Res.Mut.  : . Ctrl.Telep.: . P - amulet of Sin {cFly rElec AC+2} Res.Slow  : . Levitation : . F - ring "Nonuve Tyfy" {rF++ AC-2 Str+3} Saprovore : . . . Ctrl.Flight: + r - ring of protection from cold

@: very slightly glowing, very quick, hasted, extremely resistant to magic, extremely stealthy A: Str +1, Dex -1 a: Renounce Religion, Evoke Invisibility

You escaped. You worshipped Vehumet. Vehumet was exalted by your worship. You were not hungry.

You visited 14 branches of the dungeon, and saw 87 of its levels. You visited 1 Labyrinth. You visited 2 portal chambers (including bazaars).

You collected 10419 gold pieces. You spent 3276 gold pieces at shops.


Hand weapons

p - a +7,+7 dagger of venom (quivered)
v - the +7,+6 Sceptre of Torment
  (You found it on level 4 of the Vaults)   
  This truly accursed weapon is an instrument of Hell.


g - the +2 pair of boots of the Assassin (worn) {+Inv Dex+3 Stlth+}
  (You bought it in a shop in a bazaar)   
  Some soft boots.
  It affects your dexterity (+3).
  It lets you turn invisible.
  It makes you much more stealthy.
  These boots were specially designed by the Assassin's Guild.
n - a +2 pair of dwarven gloves (worn)
B - a +3 robe of resistance (worn)
T - a +1 cloak of preservation
X - a +1 helmet of intelligence (worn)
Y - the +1 cloak of Xoegioc (worn) {EV+5}
  (You found it on level 7 of the Elven Halls)   
  It affects your evasion (+5).

Magical devices

a - a wand of healing (3)
h - a wand of disintegration (1)
R - a wand of hasting (2)


c - 3 bread rations
d - 13 royal jellies


t - 5 scrolls of teleportation


e - an uncursed ring of magical power
l - an uncursed amulet of resist corrosion
m - an uncursed amulet of resist slowing
q - the ring of Okawaru's Favour {+Inv MR Str+3 Acc+3 Dam+3}
  (You found it on level 6 of the Pits of Slime)   
  [ring of strength]
  It affects your strength (+3).
  It affects your accuracy (+3).
  It affects your damage-dealing abilities (+3).
  It increases your resistance to enchantments.
  It lets you turn invisible.
r - a ring of protection from cold (left hand)
w - an uncursed ring of sustenance
x - an uncursed ring of wizardry
y - an uncursed ring of levitation
z - the ring of Enwec {Ice Dex+2}
  (You found it on level 12 of the Dungeon)   
  [ring of ice]
  It affects your dexterity (+2).
C - an uncursed ring of protection from fire
D - the brooch of Shielding {Ward AC+4 EV+4}
  (You bought it in a shop on level 2 of the Vaults)   
  A shield-shaped amulet.
  [amulet of warding]
  It affects your AC (+4).
  It affects your evasion (+4).
  Back in the good old days, every adventurer had one of these handy devices. 
  That, and a pony.
E - an uncursed ring of life protection
F - the ring "Nonuve Tyfy" (right hand) {rF++ AC-2 Str+3}
  (You found it on level 5 of the Crypt)   
  [ring of protection]
  It affects your AC (-2).
  It affects your strength (+3).
  It greatly protects you from fire.
G - an uncursed ring of sustain abilities
I - the ring "Uhoryz" {AC+4 Str+2 Acc+3}
  (You found it on level 8 of the Vaults)   
  [ring of strength]
  It affects your strength (+2).
  It affects your AC (+4).
  It affects your accuracy (+3).
J - an uncursed ring of wizardry
K - an uncursed ring of poison resistance
M - the amulet "Teashik" {+Rage Acc+4}
  (You found it on level 7 of the Elven Halls)   
  [amulet of rage]
  It affects your accuracy (+4).
N - the amulet of the Four Winds {Clar rN+ MR}
  (You found it on level 7 of the Vaults)   
  [amulet of clarity]
  It protects you from negative energy.
  It increases your resistance to enchantments.
P - the amulet of Sin (around neck) {cFly rElec AC+2}
  (You found it on level 7 of the Vaults)   
  [amulet of controlled flight]
  It affects your AC (+2).
  It insulates you from electricity.
Q - the ring of Haos {Ice AC+1 Str+3 Int+4}
  (You found it on level 6 of the Elven Halls)   
  [ring of ice]
  It affects your AC (+1).
  It affects your strength (+3).
  It affects your intelligence (+4).
U - the ring of Jealousy {+Tele Int+2 Dam+2 SInv}
  (You found it on level 5 of the Crypt)   
  [ring of see invisible]
  It affects your intelligence (+2).
  It affects your damage-dealing abilities (+2).
  It lets you teleport.


u - a book of Annihilations {god gift}   
  Spells                             Type                      Level
  *Iskenderun's Mystic Blast         Conjuration                  4
  Poison Arrow                       Conjuration/Poison           6
  Chain Lightning                    Conjuration/Air              8
  Lehudib's Crystal Spear            Conjuration/Earth            8
  *Ice Storm                         Conjuration/Ice              9
  Fire Storm                         Conjuration/Fire             9

Magical staves

j - a staff of cold (weapon)
s - a staff of energy

Orbs of Power

A - the Orb of Zot


b - a silver rune of Zot
f - a serpentine rune of Zot
i - a decaying rune of Zot
o - the horn of Geryon
L - a slimy rune of Zot

You had 18079 experience left.
+ Level 2 Staves
- Level 10 Dodging
+ Level 11 Stealth
+ Level 2 Traps & Doors
* Level 27 Spellcasting
* Level 27 Conjurations
+ Level 15 Enchantments
+ Level 2 Necromancy
+ Level 1 Transmutations
+ Level 15 Divinations
* Level 27 Ice Magic
+ Level 2 Air Magic
+ Level 1 Earth Magic
+ Level 5 Evocations

You had 5 spell levels left. You knew the following spells:

Your Spells              Type           Power          Success   Level

a - Ozocubu's Refrigerat Ice ########## Perfect 5 b - Bolt of Cold Ice/Conj ########## Perfect 6 c - Ozocubu's Armour Ice/Ench #########. Perfect 3 d - Iskenderun's Mystic Conj ######### Perfect 4 e - See Invisible Ench/Divn #########. Perfect 4 f - Detect Traps Divn ####### Perfect 2 g - Detect Creatures Divn ####### Perfect 2 h - Regeneration Ench/Necr ########.. Excellent 3 i - Forescry Divn #########. Excellent 5 j - Detect Curse Divn N/A Perfect 3 k - Haste Ench #########. Excellent 6 l - Repel Missiles Air/Ench ########.. Excellent 2 m - Condensation Shield Ice/Tmgr #########. Perfect 4 n - Identify Divn N/A Excellent 6 o - Blink Tloc N/A Excellent 2 p - Magic Mapping Erth/Divn ###### Excellent 4 q - Borgnjor's Revivific Necr #######... Great 5 z - Ice Storm Ice/Conj ########## Excellent 9

Overview of the Dungeon

Branches: Temple: D:4 Orc  : D:10 Elf  : Orc:4 Lair  : D:10 Swamp : Lair:4 Slime : Lair:10 Snake : Lair:4 Hive  : D:12 Vault : D:14 Blade : Vault:6 Crypt : Vault:2 Coc  : Hell Zot  : D:27

Altars: Vehumet: Elf:1 Kikubaaqudgha: Crypt:5 Xom: D:12 Okawaru: Orc:4 Sif Muna: D:2

Shops: D:4: * D:6: ( D:7: ( D:8: /(/ D:12: / D:22: ( D:24: / Elf:3: ( Lair:2: ? Lair:3: = Snake:1: * Vault:1: [?! Vault:2: ([[!= Vault:4: (

Portals: Hell: D:21 D:22 D:23 D:24 D:25 D:26 D:27 Abyss: D:25 Pan: D:24 D:26 D:27

                   Innate Abilities, Weirdness & Mutations

Your muscles are strong (Str +1). You are clumsy (Dex -1).

Message History

This wand has 2 charges left. You hear a grinding noise. This wand has 1 charge left. There is a stone staircase leading up here. Welcome back, Frostbyte the Deep Elf Ice Elementalist. Vehumet says: Let it end in hellfire! [Y]es or [N]o only, please.

.%....................%...%.# #.

          1. .#.........#######.###.# #.
   #.#######     #.###.###.
   #.#.........#     #.........
   #.#.........#     #......##.
          1. .#.........# #......##.

......#.........# #......##. ......#.........# #......##. ......#.........# #......##. ......#.........# #......##. ......#<...<...@# #.#######. ......#########.## #.# #.

              1. ##.######.### #.
              ##.........#   #.
               #.##......#   #.
               #.##......#   #.
               #.# #...........
               #.# #........##.
               #.# #####.#####.

There were no monsters in sight!

Vanquished Creatures

 the royal jelly (Slime:6)
 2 orbs of fire (Zot:5)
 4 ancient liches
 Boris (D:22)
 A curse toe (Zot:3)
 2 demon lords
 2 Killer Klowns
 Margery (Hell)
 Geryon (D:27)
 Norris (D:27)
 The ghost of Polonius the Devastator, a great DrWz of Vehumet (Zot:1)
 3 electric golems
 Xtahua (Zot:5)
 Frederick (Zot:1)
 Saint Roka (D:22)
 The ghost of Beoghs Milkman the Hacker, a mighty HOPr of Beogh (Zot:5)
 18 acid blobs
 20 Orb Guardians (Zot:5)
 8 golden dragons
 2 curse skulls
 A titan (Vault:8)
 A quicksilver dragon (Vault:8)
 5 liches
 2 deep elf blademasters (Elf:7)
 7 storm dragons
 2 sphinxes (shapeshifter) (Vault:8)
 Agnes (Snake:1)
 5 sphinxes
 10 shadow dragons
 Duane (D:26)
 Frances (Snake:5)
 2 orc warlords
 A Balrug (Zot:5)
 Wayne (Elf:5)
 Francis (Snake:5)
 6 draconian monks
 6 frost giants
 2 draconian knights
 5 draconian scorchers
 9 skeletal dragons
 4 draconian zealots
 18 tentacled monstrosities
 3 draconian annihilators
 5 azure jellies
 The ghost of Frostbyte the Destroyer, a mighty DEIE of Vehumet (D:20)
 9 draconian shifters
 22 stone giants
 4 fire giants
 2 Pit Fiends (Zot:5)
 3 Blue Deaths
 7 deep elf annihilators (Elf:7)
 5 draconian callers
 Norbert (D:15)
 7 red draconians
 Jozef (Elf:2)
 4 deep elf death magi
 9 mottled draconians
 6 white draconians
 12 greater nagas (Snake:5)
 3 green draconians
 5 pale draconians
 3 purple draconians
 2 deep elf master archers (Elf:7)
 9 black draconians
 6 deep elf sorcerers (Elf:7)
 10 yellow draconians
 38 yaktaur captains
 Snorg (Swamp:1)
 A minotaur (Lab)
 The ghost of Zith the Destroyer, a powerful DEFE of Sif Muna (Swamp:3)
 3 vampire knights
 Azrael (D:15)
 18 dragons
 11 death cobs
 32 vault guards
 A minotaur (shapeshifter) (Elf:4)
 4 great orbs of eyes
 4 death oozes (Slime:6)
 A mummy priest (Crypt:2)
 2 salamanders (D:21)
 14 ice dragons
 Harold (D:13)
 A Cacodemon (Zot:5)
 Dissolution (Slime:6)
 A hydra (shapeshifter) (Vault:8)
 An ice dragon (shapeshifter) (Vault:5)
 5 deep elf demonologists (Elf:7)
 7 ogre-magi
 A titan zombie (Crypt:5)
 21 hydras
 10 grey snakes
 2 storm dragon zombies
 A shadow dragon skeleton (Crypt:5)
 3 death yaks (Lair:9)
 A deep elf high priest (Elf:7)
 4 griffons
 A griffon (shapeshifter) (D:19)
 21 centaur warriors
 2 frost giant skeletons
 10 stone giant skeletons
 A grey snake zombie (Crypt:3)
 A golden dragon zombie (Zot:3)
 An iron dragon skeleton (Crypt:1)
 A sun demon (Zot:1)
 A death drake (shapeshifter) (Vault:4)
 An orc high priest (Vault:8)
 A shadow dragon zombie (Crypt:1)
 An elephant slug (Lair:7)
 Nessos (Elf:2)
 21 giant amoebae
 A hill giant (shapeshifter) (Elf:3)
 A soul eater (Elf:7)
 4 iron golems (Crypt:5)
 2 shadow wraiths
 31 deep elf knights
 3 wizards
 15 deep trolls
 9 hell knights
 A giant amoeba (shapeshifter) (D:20)
 4 iron trolls
 66 skeletal warriors
 41 dancing weapons
 6 frost giant zombies
 6 naga warriors
 5 stone giant zombies
 18 hill giants
 6 flayed ghosts
 13 necromancers
 A swamp dragon (shapeshifter) (Vault:8)
 7 unseen horrors
 A hellion (Elf:7)
 3 iron troll skeletons
 26 orc knights
 2 orc sorcerers
 9 swamp dragons
 3 crystal golems (Crypt:5)
 Urug (D:16)
 11 guardian nagas (Snake:5)
 6 spectral warriors
 A spiny worm (shapeshifter) (Vault:7)
 4 spiny worms
 33 moths of wrath
 2 hydra skeletons
 3 draconians (shapeshifter)
 3 shining eyes
 8 red wasps
 2 vampire magi
 A mottled draconian zombie (Crypt:2)
 2 green draconian zombies
 5 wolf spiders
 3 beasts
 22 black snakes
 A dragon skeleton (Zot:1)
 12 draconian skeletons
 An iron troll zombie (Vault:7)
 A slime creature (shapeshifter) (D:23)
 2 giant brown frog skeletons
 A griffon skeleton (Vault:3)
 An orange demon (Elf:7)
 A queen ant (shapeshifter) (Vault:3)
 A guardian naga skeleton (Crypt:4)
 The ghost of Weston the Frost Mage, an experienced DEIE of Vehumet (D:6)
 28 giant brown frogs
 An eye of devastation (shapeshifter) (D:27)
 A reaper (Elf:7)
 4 eyes of devastation
 46 yaktaurs
 A hydra zombie (Vault:3)
 9 mimics
 A minotaur zombie (Crypt:3)
 10 rock trolls
 A trapdoor spider (D:13)
 142 slime creatures
 15 naga magi
 A rock troll (shapeshifter) (Vault:8)
 11 cyclopes
 A dragon zombie (Zot:5)
 5 guardian mummies (Crypt:2)
 A tormentor (D:19)
 3 very ugly things
 4 elves (shapeshifter)
 A komodo dragon (shapeshifter) (Vault:3)
 A griffon zombie (Vault:1)
 6 giant snails
 An iron devil (D:2)
 2 smoke demons
 90 ugly things
 2 humans (shapeshifter)
 10 komodo dragons
 20 trolls
 4 rock troll skeletons
 2 spiny worm zombies
 A deep troll skeleton (Vault:7)
 A redback (D:23)
 15 two-headed ogres
 7 hill giant zombies
 2 spiny frog skeletons (Crypt:2)
 4 queen bees
 2 giant brown frog zombies
 A queen ant zombie (Crypt:3)
 A grizzly bear (D:12)
 3 bumblebees (D:27)
 A grizzly bear (shapeshifter) (D:24)
 7 spiny frogs
 2 hungry ghosts
 65 yaks
 21 blink frogs
 4 blink frog skeletons
 16 brown oozes
 8 hippogriffs
 Sonja (D:13)
 30 giant goldfish
 Roxanne (D:20)
 A lindwurm skeleton (Crypt:4)
 2 rock troll zombies
 4 small abominations
 32 deep elf conjurers
 4 fire elementals (D:15)
 3 firedrakes
 5 yellow snakes
 A ynoxinul (Elf:7)
 A giant snail zombie (Vault:5)
 3 vampires
 14 giant slugs
 Eustachio (Snake:3)
 4 neqoxecs
 3 bears (D:12)
 24 deep elf summoners
 A griffon simulacrum (Vault:1)
 6 water elementals (Hell)
 50 deep elf fighters
 A yaktaur skeleton (Vault:7)
 5 manticores
 3 lava worms (Hell)
 2 lindwurm zombies
 A redback zombie (D:21)
 9 wraiths
 4 rock worms
 49 swamp worms
 2 cyclops skeletons (Vault:8)
 7 freezing wraiths
 30 ugly thing skeletons
 4 black bears
 16 giant blowflies
 38 insubstantial wisps
 4 soldier ants
 A black bear (shapeshifter) (Vault:3)
 7 hell hounds
 14 deep elf priests
 3 wyverns
 A giant blowfly zombie (Crypt:2)
 A yellow snake zombie (Crypt:3)
 58 ogres
 A komodo dragon zombie (D:16)
 A firedrake zombie (Crypt:2)
 A troll skeleton (D:16)
 25 necrophages
 A yak skeleton (Crypt:5)
 2 red devils
 5 ice beasts
 5 gila monsters
 5 phantoms
 3 boring beetles
 A polar bear skeleton (Crypt:2)
 A naga (shapeshifter) (Vault:8)
 65 nagas
 A mottled dragon (shapeshifter) (D:27)
 8 ugly thing zombies
 7 yellow wasps
 3 cyclops zombies
 A manticore zombie (D:12)
 Sigmund (D:7)
 20 big kobolds
 10 wargs
 3 brain worms
 A hippogriff zombie (Crypt:4)
 4 mottled dragons
 26 centaurs
 15 swamp drakes
 11 ghouls
 5 giant frog skeletons
 62 orc warriors
 A yak zombie (D:22)
 An ettin zombie (Crypt:4)
 A grizzly bear zombie (Crypt:3)
 2 wolf skeletons
 21 giant lizards
 A polar bear zombie (Crypt:4)
 18 war dogs
 2 silver statues (Zot:5)
 50 brown snakes
 6 boulder beetles
 2 bumblebee zombies
 2 kobold demonologists
 A troll zombie (Crypt:1)
 3 boulder beetle zombies
 31 deep elf magi
 33 giant frogs
 A warg skeleton (Crypt:1)
 A wolf zombie (Crypt:2)
 21 big fish
 A steam dragon (D:10)
 Blork the orc (D:6)
 15 eyes of draining
 2 yellow wasp zombies
 A black bear zombie (Crypt:2)
 2 ugly thing simulacra
 21 jellyfish
 A two-headed ogre zombie (Vault:1)
 A yaktaur simulacrum (Vault:6)
 A big kobold skeleton (D:17)
 A warg zombie (Crypt:4)
 A draconian zombie (Crypt:3)
 194 killer bees
 A killer bee (shapeshifter) (Hell)
 A gila monster skeleton (Crypt:5)
 2 lava fish (D:21)
 An ogre skeleton (Crypt:4)
 A pulsating lump (shapeshifter) (Vault:1)
 17 imps
 2 mottled dragon skeletons
 The ghost of Tectonic the Digger, a weakling SEEE (D:3)
 A killer bee zombie (D:7)
 11 hounds
 An orange rat (shapeshifter) (Vault:3)
 2 giant beetles
 32 orc priests
 9 wights
 A naga skeleton (Crypt:5)
 An ogre zombie (Crypt:4)
 A boring beetle simulacrum (D:21)
 7 scorpions
 6 elf zombies (Elf:7)
 A big kobold zombie (D:14)
 68 deep elf soldiers
 31 orc wizards
 4 shadows
 18 electrical eels
 An elf skeleton (Elf:7)
 7 giant ants
 5 orange rats (Crypt:4)
 A naga zombie (Crypt:4)
 26 jellies
 3 lava snakes (D:21)
 37 sheep
 A giant ant zombie (D:5)
 13 giant iguanas
 A swamp drake zombie (Crypt:2)
 A fire vortex (D:2)
 7 boggarts
 4 lemures
 45 snakes
 6 midges
 A sheep skeleton (Crypt:4)
 A flying skull (Crypt:5)
 A giant centipede (shapeshifter) (D:27)
 3 worms
 A giant iguana skeleton (Crypt:2)
 6 shadow imps
 10 giant centipedes
 A giant mite (shapeshifter) (Vault:8)
 2 giant mites
 63 green rats
 2 manes (Elf:7)
 2 white imps
 A human zombie (Crypt:3)
 3 mummies
 A snake zombie (D:6)
 A giant centipede zombie (D:14)
 2 butterflies (Swamp:1)
 11 oozes
 Jessica (D:2)
 10 giant eyeballs
 2 giant bat zombies
 5 ufetubi
 2 butterfly zombies
 2 giant cockroaches (shapeshifter)
 13 giant cockroaches
 18 giant geckos
 35 giant mosquitos
 A goblin (shapeshifter) (Vault:8)
 27 grey rats
 27 hobgoblins
 34 jackals
 257 orcs
 13 quokkas
 4 small snakes
 An ant larva zombie (Crypt:3)
 51 giant bats
 A giant cockroach zombie (Crypt:3)
 14 giant newts
 A giant newt zombie (Crypt:2)
 5 giant spores
 24 goblins
 A hobgoblin skeleton (Crypt:4)
 A hobgoblin zombie (Crypt:3)
 64 killer bee larvae
 63 kobolds
 A kobold zombie (Vault:8)
 47 rats
 2 rat skeletons (Crypt:2)
 2 rat zombies
 11 fungi
 34 plants

4005 creatures vanquished.

Vanquished Creatures (collateral kills)

 2 giant snails
 A blink frog (Lair:4)
 A yak (Lair:4)
 2 giant slugs
 A giant lizard (Lair:3)
 A hound (Lair:5)
 2 sheep (Lair:5)
 A snake (Lair:4)
 6 green rats (Lair:5)
 3 jackals (Lair:3)
 A quokka (Lair:5)
 A rat (D:5)
 2 grey rats (Lair:3)
 A fungus (Lair:3)

25 creatures vanquished.

Vanquished Creatures (others)

 A slime creature (Vault:2)
 A guardian mummy (Crypt:2)
 A yaktaur skeleton (D:26)
 A wyvern skeleton (D:25)
 A deep elf priest (Elf:2)
 A centaur (D:19)
 3 war dogs (Lair:7)
 2 giant frogs (Lair:7)
 A hound (Lair:7)
 An orc wizard (D:7)
 A giant ant (D:5)
 3 sheep (Lair:7)
 A deep elf soldier (Elf:5)
 An orange rat zombie (Crypt:5)
 A draconian skeleton (Zot:1)
 A snake (Lair:1)
 7 green rats
 A mummy (Crypt:2)
 A gnoll skeleton (Crypt:5)
 A giant gecko (Lair:3)
 3 grey rats (Crypt:4)
 2 orcs
 A giant bat (Swamp:5)
 A jackal (D:3)
 A killer bee larva (Snake:3)
 3 kobolds
 5 rats

47 creatures vanquished.

Grand Total: 4077 creatures vanquished

Notes Turn | Place | Note

     0 | D:1     | Frostbyte, the Deep Elf Ice Elementalist, began the quest for the Orb.
     0 | D:1     | Reached XP level 1. HP: 8/8 MP: 4/4
   459 | D:1     | Reached skill 4 in Ice Magic
   648 | D:1     | Reached XP level 2. HP: 12/12 MP: 3/7
   652 | D:1     | Learned a level 2 spell: Throw Frost
  1598 | D:2     | Reached XP level 3. HP: 14/14 MP: 6/9
  1832 | D:2     | Learned a level 3 spell: Ozocubu's Armour
  2117 | D:2     | Noticed Jessica
  2120 | D:2     | Defeated Jessica
  2281 | D:2     | Reached skill 5 in Ice Magic
  2877 | D:3     | Reached XP level 4. HP: 13/17 MP: 5/13
  3279 | D:3     | Noticed Tectonic's ghost
  3286 | D:3     | Defeated Tectonic's ghost
  3634 | D:3     | Reached skill 6 in Ice Magic
  3684 | D:3     | Reached XP level 5. HP: 20/20 MP: 8/15
  4389 | Temple  | Entered the Ecumenical Temple
  4626 | Temple  | Became a worshipper of Vehumet
  4798 | D:4     | Bought a meat ration for 56 gold pieces
  4798 | D:4     | Bought a scroll of identify for 28 gold pieces
  4798 | D:4     | Bought a scroll of detect curse for 28 gold pieces
  4798 | D:4     | Bought a scroll of curse armour for 1 gold piece
  4798 | D:4     | Bought a scroll of immolation for 1 gold piece
  5221 | D:4     | Gained mutation: You are weak (Str -1).
  5221 | D:4     | Gained mutation: You are robust (+10% HP).
  5221 | D:4     | Gained mutation: Your vision is a little blurry.
  5223 | D:4     | Gained mutation: You are partially covered in blue scales (AC +1).
  5223 | D:4     | Gained mutation: Your vision is quite blurry.
  5223 | D:4     | Lost mutation: You are weak (Str -1).
  5266 | D:4     | Gained mutation: You are very robust (+20% HP).
  5346 | D:5     | Entered Level 5 of the Dungeon
  5351 | D:5     | Reached skill 7 in Ice Magic
  5361 | D:5     | HP: 1/24 [orc priest/divine providence (10)]
  5465 | D:4     | Learned a level 4 spell: Ice Bolt
  5553 | D:5     | Reached skill 5 in Conjurations
  5558 | D:5     | Reached XP level 6. HP: 26/26 MP: 8/19
  5761 | D:5     | Reached skill 1 in Enchantments
  5857 | D:5     | Acquired Vehumet's first power
  6030 | D:5     | Reached skill 8 in Ice Magic
  6646 | D:6     | Reached XP level 7. HP: 17/32 MP: 16/20
  6954 | D:6     | Reached skill 5 in Spellcasting
  7117 | D:6     | Noticed Weston's ghost
  7119 | D:6     | Defeated Weston's ghost
  7209 | D:6     | Reached skill 9 in Ice Magic
  7405 | D:6     | Reached XP level 8. HP: 31/36 MP: 18/23
  7460 | D:6     | Noticed Blork the orc
  7511 | D:6     | Defeated Blork the orc
  8209 | D:7     | Reached skill 10 in Ice Magic
  8266 | D:7     | Acquired Vehumet's second power
  8719 | D:7     | Got a transparent hammer
  8720 | D:7     | Identified the hammer "Kicit" {rElec Dex+2} (You found it on level 7 of the Dungeon)
  8804 | D:7     | Reached XP level 9. HP: 37/42 MP: 25/25
  8832 | D:7     | Acquired Vehumet's third power
  9001 | D:7     | Reached skill 11 in Ice Magic
  9269 | D:7     | Noticed Sigmund
  9271 | D:7     | Defeated Sigmund
  9417 | D:7     | Reached skill 1 in Evocations
 10060 | D:8     | Reached XP level 10. HP: 45/45 MP: 22/27
 10061 | D:8     | Reached skill 10 in Conjurations
 10061 | D:8     | Reached skill 12 in Ice Magic
 10940 | D:9     | Learned a level 7 spell: Freezing Cloud
 11776 | D:10    | Entered Level 10 of the Dungeon
 12029 | D:10    | Reached skill 5 in Stealth
 12517 | D:10    | Reached skill 13 in Ice Magic
 12690 | D:10    | Reached XP level 11. HP: 51/51 MP: 12/29
 12694 | D:10    | Reached XP level 10. HP: 40/46 MP: 9/28
 12694 | D:10    | Reached XP level 11. HP: 39/51 MP: 11/29
 13060 | Lair:1  | Entered Level 1 of the Lair of Beasts
 14282 | D:8     | Bought a wand of healing (1) for 358 gold pieces
 15215 | Lair:1  | Reached skill 5 in Dodging
 15592 | Lair:1  | Reached skill 14 in Ice Magic
 15667 | Lair:1  | Identified a scroll of acquirement
 15945 | Lair:3  | Received a gift from Vehumet
 15954 | Lair:3  | Learned a level 6 spell: Bolt of Cold
 16038 | Lair:3  | Learned a level 2 spell: Repel Missiles
 16634 | Lair:5  | Reached XP level 12. HP: 54/54 MP: 31/31
 16797 | Lair:5  | Found a flickering gateway to a bazaar.
 16804 | bazaar  | Entered a bazaar.
 16862 | bazaar  | Bought a potion of paralysis for 1 gold piece
 16920 | bazaar  | Bought an ivory ring for 110 gold pieces
 16920 | bazaar  | Bought a scroll labeled ZIOSOR HINNI for 22 gold pieces
 16936 | bazaar  | Bought a potion of heal wounds for 30 gold pieces
 16936 | bazaar  | Bought 2 potions of heal wounds for 60 gold pieces
 17504 | Lair:5  | Reached skill 10 in Spellcasting
 18284 | Lair:4  | Got a levitating book
 18285 | Lair:4  | Identified Froeni's Almanac of Shape Shifting (You found it on level 4 of the Lair of Beasts)
 18524 | Lair:3  | Learned a level 2 spell: Detect Traps
 19107 | Lair:6  | Received a gift from Vehumet
 21508 | Lair:7  | Reached skill 15 in Conjurations
 21721 | Lair:8  | Received a gift from Vehumet
 21810 | Lair:8  | Reached XP level 13. HP: 57/57 MP: 18/33
 22348 | Lair:9  | Gained mutation: Your muscles are strong (Str +1).
 22729 | Lair:9  | Noticed a brain worm
 22730 | Lair:9  | Defeated a brain worm
 23104 | Lair:10 | Entered Level 10 of the Lair of Beasts
 23109 | Lair:10 | Reached skill 15 in Ice Magic
 23639 | Lair:10 | Noticed a spiny worm
 23782 | Lair:10 | Defeated a spiny worm
 24454 | Lair:7  | Reached skill 1 in Divinations
 25552 | D:12    | Reached skill 16 in Conjurations
 25565 | D:12    | Received a gift from Vehumet
 25768 | D:12    | Noticed a queen bee
 25771 | D:12    | Defeated a queen bee
 25901 | D:12    | Got a fine golden ring
 25905 | D:12    | Identified the ring of Enwec (You found it on level 12 of the Dungeon)
 26461 | D:12    | Reached XP level 14. HP: 60/60 MP: 32/35
 26496 | D:12    | Bought a wand of teleportation (10) for 357 gold pieces
 26978 | Swamp:1 | Entered Level 1 of the Swamp
 28273 | Swamp:1 | Noticed Snorg
 28275 | Swamp:1 | Defeated Snorg
 29108 | Swamp:2 | Received a gift from Vehumet
 30122 | Swamp:2 | Lost mutation: Your vision is quite blurry.
 30122 | Swamp:2 | Lost mutation: You are very robust (+20% HP).
 30122 | Swamp:2 | Lost mutation: Your muscles are strong (Str +1).
 30122 | Swamp:2 | Lost mutation: You are robust (+10% HP).
 30463 | Swamp:3 | Noticed Zith's ghost
 30470 | Swamp:3 | Defeated Zith's ghost
 30653 | Swamp:3 | Reached skill 17 in Conjurations
 32525 | Swamp:5 | Entered Level 5 of the Swamp
 32729 | Swamp:5 | Reached XP level 15. HP: 53/53 MP: 15/36
 33440 | Swamp:5 | Got a decaying rune of Zot
 34054 | Swamp:5 | Reached skill 5 in Divinations
 34605 | Swamp:5 | Received a gift from Vehumet
 35615 | D:13    | Noticed Harold
 35624 | D:13    | Defeated Harold
 36345 | D:13    | Noticed Sonja
 36346 | D:13    | Defeated Sonja
 36875 | D:14    | Reached skill 18 in Conjurations
 36946 | D:14    | Reached skill 5 in Enchantments
 38312 | D:15    | Entered Level 15 of the Dungeon
 38866 | D:15    | Noticed Norbert
 38870 | D:15    | Defeated Norbert
 38870 | D:15    | Reached XP level 16. HP: 55/55 MP: 21/37
 38873 | D:15    | Noticed a fire elemental
 38874 | D:15    | Noticed a fire elemental
 38879 | D:15    | Defeated a fire elemental
 38880 | D:15    | Defeated a fire elemental
 38922 | D:15    | Noticed a fire elemental
 38923 | D:15    | Defeated a fire elemental
 39062 | D:15    | Noticed a fire elemental
 39062 | D:15    | Defeated a fire elemental
 39107 | D:15    | Noticed Azrael
 39109 | D:15    | Defeated Azrael
 40073 | D:16    | Reached skill 1 in Air Magic
 40950 | D:16    | Noticed Urug
 40951 | D:16    | Defeated Urug
 41955 | D:17    | Learned a level 6 spell: Haste
 41961 | D:17    | Learned a level 2 spell: Detect Creatures
 43888 | Snake:1 | Entered Level 1 of the Snake Pit
 44738 | Snake:1 | Noticed Agnes
 44740 | Snake:1 | Defeated Agnes
 44969 | Snake:1 | Reached skill 19 in Conjurations
 45273 | Snake:2 | Got a heavily runed amber ring
 45820 | Snake:2 | Reached XP level 17. HP: 60/60 MP: 38/38
 46301 | Snake:3 | Noticed Eustachio
 46302 | Snake:3 | Defeated Eustachio
 47755 | Snake:3 | Identified the ring of Cyaroz (You found it on level 2 of the Snake Pit)
 49971 | Snake:5 | Entered Level 5 of the Snake Pit
 50168 | Snake:5 | Noticed Frances
 50175 | Snake:5 | Defeated Frances
 50589 | Snake:5 | HP: 1/60 [greater naga/poison arrow (42)]
 51474 | Snake:5 | Noticed Francis
 51478 | Snake:5 | Defeated Francis
 52231 | Snake:4 | HP: 3/60 [poison]
 52236 | Snake:4 | HP: 2/60 [poison]
 52976 | Snake:5 | Gained mutation: Space occasionally distorts in your vicinity.
 53072 | Snake:5 | Got a serpentine rune of Zot
 53207 | Snake:5 | Reached XP level 18. HP: 56/64 MP: 31/39
 54448 | Snake:3 | Learned a level 3 spell: Regeneration
 55394 | D:18    | Reached skill 20 in Conjurations
 56499 | D:19    | A boulder beetle shaped shifter changed into a guardian naga
 56503 | D:19    | A guardian naga shaped shifter changed into an elf
 56949 | D:19    | Noticed a deep elf mage
 56952 | D:19    | Defeated a deep elf mage
 57901 | D:20    | Entered Level 20 of the Dungeon
 58291 | D:20    | Noticed Roxanne
 58417 | D:20    | Defeated Roxanne
 58690 | D:20    | Noticed Frostbyte's ghost
 58700 | D:20    | Defeated Frostbyte's ghost
 61004 | D:21    | HP: 3/64 [orc knight/glowing orcish great mace (14)]
 62578 | D:22    | Reached skill 21 in Conjurations
 62606 | D:22    | Reached XP level 19. HP: 64/67 MP: 11/40
 62767 | D:22    | Noticed Saint Roka
 62785 | D:22    | Noticed Boris
 64083 | D:22    | Defeated Saint Roka
 64776 | D:22    | HP: 2/67 [Boris/iron bolt (65)]
 65479 | Vault:1 | Entered Level 1 of the Vaults
 65737 | Vault:1 | Found a flickering gateway to a bazaar.
 65749 | bazaar  | Entered a bazaar.
 65889 | bazaar  | Bought the +2 pair of boots of the Assassin {+Inv Dex+3 Stlth+} for 336 gold pieces
 65919 | bazaar  | Bought a scroll of enchant armour for 134 gold pieces
 66024 | Vault:1 | Noticed a pulsating lump
 66028 | Vault:1 | Defeated a pulsating lump
 66156 | Vault:1 | Bought a scroll of enchant armour for 86 gold pieces
 66156 | Vault:1 | Bought a scroll of holy word for 135 gold pieces
 66156 | Vault:1 | Bought 2 scrolls of identify for 72 gold pieces
 66662 | Vault:2 | Bought the brooch of Shielding {Ward AC+4 EV+4} for 448 gold pieces
 66662 | Vault:2 | Bought a cursed ring of hunger for 1 gold piece
 66662 | Vault:2 | Bought an uncursed amulet of inaccuracy for 1 gold piece
 67313 | Vault:2 | Bought a potion of magic for 91 gold pieces
 67313 | Vault:2 | Bought 2 potions of blood for 26 gold pieces
 67313 | Vault:2 | Bought a potion of cure mutation for 195 gold pieces
 67315 | Vault:2 | Lost mutation: Your vision is a little blurry.
 67315 | Vault:2 | Lost mutation: Space occasionally distorts in your vicinity.
 67315 | Vault:2 | Lost mutation: You are partially covered in blue scales (AC +1).
 67688 | Vault:2 | Gained mutation: Your muscles are strong (Str +1).
 68780 | Vault:3 | Reached skill 22 in Conjurations
 69923 | Vault:4 | Noticed a deep elf conjurer
 71027 | Vault:4 | Defeated a deep elf conjurer
 71120 | Vault:4 | Got a jewelled golden mace
 75022 | Vault:7 | Reached XP level 20. HP: 72/72 MP: 38/41
 75022 | Vault:7 | Reached skill 23 in Conjurations
 75417 | Vault:7 | Got a jade amulet
 75429 | Vault:7 | Reached XP level 19. HP: 65/68 MP: 31/40
 75439 | Vault:7 | Reached XP level 20. HP: 61/72 MP: 30/41
 75451 | Vault:7 | Got a heavily runed bronze amulet
 75465 | Vault:7 | Identified the amulet of the Four Winds (You found it on level 7 of the Vaults)
 75465 | Vault:7 | Identified the amulet of Sin (You found it on level 7 of the Vaults)
 75465 | Vault:7 | Identified the +7,+6 Sceptre of Torment (You found it on level 4 of the Vaults)
 79228 | D:24    | Noticed a deep elf priest
 79230 | D:24    | Defeated a deep elf priest
 79660 | D:24    | Learned a level 6 spell: Identify
 80071 | D:25    | Entered Level 25 of the Dungeon
 80355 | D:25    | Reached skill 24 in Conjurations
 80669 | D:25    | Found a labyrinth entrance.
 80679 | Lab     | Entered a Labyrinth
 81595 | D:25    | Got an ichor-stained robe
 81596 | D:25    | Identified the cursed -3 robe of Briuc (You found it on level 25 of the Dungeon)
 82308 | D:26    | Noticed Duane
 82314 | D:26    | Defeated Duane
 82710 | D:26    | Reached skill 1 in Traps & Doors
 83433 | D:26    | Reached XP level 21. HP: 68/75 MP: 37/41
 83477 | D:27    | Entered Level 27 of the Dungeon
 83646 | D:27    | Noticed Norris
 83720 | D:27    | Defeated Norris
 84489 | D:27    | Noticed an orc warlord
 84507 | D:27    | Defeated an orc warlord
 86011 | D:26    | Reached skill 15 in Spellcasting
 86028 | D:26    | Learned a level 5 spell: Ozocubu's Refrigeration
 86388 | D:21    | Reached skill 25 in Conjurations
 86833 | Vault:8 | Entered Level 8 of the Vaults
 87311 | Vault:8 | Noticed a golden dragon
 87320 | Vault:8 | Defeated a golden dragon
 87321 | Vault:8 | Noticed a skeletal dragon
 87322 | Vault:8 | Reached XP level 22. HP: 62/77 MP: 10/43
 87641 | Vault:8 | Defeated a skeletal dragon
 87884 | Vault:8 | Got a warped glass ring
 87885 | Vault:8 | Identified the ring "Uhoryz" (You found it on level 8 of the Vaults)
 89464 | Vault:8 | Noticed a deep elf death mage
 89468 | Vault:8 | Defeated a deep elf death mage
 89834 | Vault:8 | Noticed a deep elf conjurer
 89834 | Vault:8 | Defeated a deep elf conjurer
 90054 | Vault:7 | Noticed a deep elf priest
 90054 | Vault:7 | Defeated a deep elf priest
 90306 | Vault:8 | Noticed a golden dragon
 90309 | Vault:8 | Defeated a golden dragon
 90319 | Vault:8 | Noticed a quicksilver dragon
 90326 | Vault:8 | Defeated a quicksilver dragon
 90783 | Vault:8 | Noticed a deep elf conjurer
 90785 | Vault:8 | Defeated a deep elf conjurer
 91208 | Vault:8 | Reached skill 26 in Conjurations
 93189 | Vault:8 | Got a brightly glowing copper ring
 93190 | Vault:8 | Identified the cursed ring "Jasch" (You found it on level 8 of the Vaults)
 94693 | Vault:7 | Reached XP level 23. HP: 79/79 MP: 37/43
 94997 | Vault:8 | Reached skill 10 in Enchantments
 95600 | Vault:8 | Noticed an orc warlord
 95608 | Vault:8 | Defeated an orc warlord
 96010 | Vault:8 | Got a silver rune of Zot
 96139 | Vault:8 | Noticed a deep elf priest
 96141 | Vault:8 | Defeated a deep elf priest
 96165 | Vault:8 | Noticed a deep elf conjurer
 96168 | Vault:8 | Defeated a deep elf conjurer
 97840 | Orc:1   | Entered Level 1 of the Orcish Mines
 99232 | Orc:4   | Entered Level 4 of the Orcish Mines
 99399 | Orc:4   | Noticed a two-headed ogre
 99403 | Orc:4   | Defeated a two-headed ogre
101739 | D:22    | Defeated Boris
101739 | D:22    | Reached skill 27 in Conjurations
102082 | D:22    | Learned a level 4 spell: Condensation Shield
102475 | Hell    | Entered the Vestibule of Hell
102476 | Hell    | Noticed Geryon
102808 | D:27    | Defeated Geryon
103150 | D:27    | Noticed a deep elf conjurer
103153 | D:27    | Defeated a deep elf conjurer
103609 | Elf:1   | Entered Level 1 of the Elven Halls
105198 | Elf:2   | Noticed Jozef
105201 | Elf:2   | Defeated Jozef
105414 | Elf:2   | Got a transparent animal skin
105415 | Elf:2   | Identified the +3 animal skin "Beettec" (You found it on level 2 of the Elven Halls)
105444 | Elf:2   | Noticed Nessos
105448 | Elf:2   | Defeated Nessos
107205 | Elf:5   | Noticed an orc knight
107206 | Elf:5   | Noticed an orc knight
107207 | Elf:5   | Defeated an orc knight
107209 | Elf:5   | Defeated an orc knight
107534 | Elf:5   | Noticed Wayne
107540 | Elf:5   | Defeated Wayne
108371 | Elf:6   | Got a flickering platinum ring
108372 | Elf:6   | Identified the ring of Haos (You found it on level 6 of the Elven Halls)
108833 | Elf:7   | Entered Level 7 of the Elven Halls
109529 | Elf:7   | Noticed a deep elf blademaster
109540 | Elf:7   | Defeated a deep elf blademaster
109658 | Elf:7   | Noticed a deep elf blademaster
109662 | Elf:7   | Noticed a deep elf master archer
109662 | Elf:7   | Reached XP level 24. HP: 54/80 MP: 14/45
109664 | Elf:7   | Defeated a deep elf blademaster
109665 | Elf:7   | Defeated a deep elf master archer
109669 | Elf:7   | Noticed a deep elf master archer
110592 | Elf:7   | Defeated a deep elf master archer
111330 | Elf:7   | Got a wavering bronze amulet
111346 | Elf:7   | Got an ichor-stained leather armour
111366 | Elf:7   | Got a faintly glowing golden amulet
111436 | Elf:7   | Got a brightly glowing cloak
111473 | Elf:7   | Identified the +1 cloak of Xoegioc (You found it on level 7 of the Elven Halls)
111550 | Elf:7   | Identified the amulet of the Moon (You found it on level 7 of the Elven Halls)
111551 | Elf:7   | Identified the amulet "Teashik" (You found it on level 7 of the Elven Halls)
112571 | Slime:1 | Entered Level 1 of the Pits of Slime
113020 | Crypt:1 | Entered Level 1 of the Crypt
116255 | Slime:1 | Identified the cursed -4 leather armour "Ste Meru" (You found it on level 7 of the Elven Halls)
116650 | Slime:1 | Learned a level 4 spell: Selective Amnesia
116665 | Slime:1 | Learned a level 5 spell: Forescry
116864 | Lair:1  | Learned a level 9 spell: Ice Storm
116869 | Lair:1  | Learned a level 4 spell: Iskenderun's Mystic Blast
116874 | Lair:1  | Learned a level 4 spell: See Invisible
118148 | Slime:6 | Entered Level 6 of the Pits of Slime
118316 | Slime:6 | Noticed Dissolution
118322 | Slime:6 | Defeated Dissolution
118545 | Slime:6 | Reached XP level 25. HP: 83/83 MP: 45/45
118823 | Slime:6 | Noticed the royal jelly
118863 | Slime:6 | Defeated the royal jelly
120392 | Slime:6 | Got a slimy rune of Zot
120463 | Slime:6 | Reached skill 5 in Evocations
120471 | Slime:6 | Got a brightly glowing ivory ring
120475 | Slime:6 | Identified the cursed ring of Okawaru's Favour (You found it on level 6 of the Pits of Slime)
120507 | Slime:6 | Got a brightly glowing double sword
120508 | Slime:6 | Identified the cursed double sword of Internal Strife {freeze, MR Int+3 Curse} (You found it on level 6 of the Pits of Slime)
122639 | Blade   | Entered the Hall of Blades
125987 | Crypt:2 | Identified a +1 cloak of preservation (You acquired it on level 2 of the Crypt)
126530 | Crypt:2 | Reached skill 27 in Ice Magic
127372 | Crypt:3 | Learned a level 3 spell: Detect Curse
128695 | Crypt:3 | Reached XP level 26. HP: 63/85 MP: 24/46
130219 | Crypt:5 | Entered Level 5 of the Crypt
131153 | Crypt:5 | Reached skill 1 in Necromancy
131447 | Crypt:5 | Noticed a lich
131448 | Crypt:5 | Defeated a lich
131878 | Crypt:5 | Got a slimy marble ring
131941 | Crypt:5 | Noticed a lich
131946 | Crypt:5 | Defeated a lich
131987 | Crypt:5 | Got a sparkling steel ring
131997 | Crypt:5 | Learned a level 6 spell: Identify
132025 | Crypt:5 | Identified the cursed ring "Nonuve Tyfy" (You found it on level 5 of the Crypt)
132102 | Crypt:5 | Identified the ring of Jealousy (You found it on level 5 of the Crypt)
132264 | Crypt:5 | Noticed an ancient lich
132266 | Crypt:5 | Defeated an ancient lich
133344 | Hell    | Noticed Margery
133345 | Hell    | Defeated Margery
133715 | D:24    | Reached skill 10 in Dodging
135429 | Lair:2  | Bought a scroll of recharging for 60 gold pieces
135429 | Lair:2  | Bought a scroll of recharging for 60 gold pieces
136142 | Zot:1   | Entered Level 1 of the Realm of Zot
136401 | Zot:1   | Noticed Polonius' ghost
136404 | Zot:1   | Defeated Polonius' ghost
136578 | D:27    | Reached skill 1 in Transmutations
136792 | Zot:1   | Noticed Frederick
136794 | Zot:1   | Defeated Frederick
137294 | Zot:1   | Reached skill 10 in Divinations
137296 | Zot:1   | Reached XP level 27. HP: 87/87 MP: 31/48
137549 | Zot:1   | You fall through a shaft!
137802 | Zot:3   | Gained mutation: You are clumsy (Dex -1).
141839 | D:20    | Learned a level 2 spell: Blink
142637 | D:24    | Learned a level 4 spell: Magic Mapping
145009 | Zot:3   | Reached skill 10 in Stealth
148862 | Zot:4   | Learned a level 5 spell: Borgnjor's Revivification
149360 | Zot:4   | Reached skill 15 in Divinations
149797 | Zot:5   | Entered Level 5 of the Realm of Zot
150456 | Zot:5   | Noticed an ancient lich
150458 | Zot:5   | Defeated an ancient lich
151466 | D:12    | Noticed an orc knight
151473 | D:12    | Defeated an orc knight
151476 | Hive:1  | Entered Level 1 of the Hive
151824 | Hive:2  | Entered Level 2 of the Hive
151926 | Hive:2  | Reached skill 1 in Staves
152758 | D:12    | Bought a wand of disintegration (9) for 223 gold pieces
152942 | D:12    | Bought a wand of digging (11) for 145 gold pieces
153586 | Zot:4   | Reached skill 27 in Spellcasting
154041 | Zot:5   | Reached skill 1 in Earth Magic
154710 | D:12    | Bought a wand of disintegration (6) for 211 gold pieces
155412 | Zot:5   | Noticed an orb of fire
155419 | Zot:5   | Noticed an ancient lich
155419 | Zot:5   | Defeated an orb of fire
155429 | Zot:5   | Noticed Xtahua
155429 | Zot:5   | Defeated Xtahua
155429 | Zot:5   | Defeated an ancient lich
155675 | Zot:5   | Noticed an orb of fire
155676 | Zot:5   | Noticed an ancient lich
155687 | Zot:5   | Defeated an ancient lich
155687 | Zot:5   | Defeated an orb of fire
155710 | Zot:5   | Noticed Beoghs Milkman's ghost
155770 | Zot:5   | Defeated Beoghs Milkman's ghost
156520 | Zot:5   | Got the Orb of Zot
156555 | Zot:5   | Reached skill 15 in Enchantments
156677 | Zot:2   | Noticed Assyqur the pandemonium lord
156847 | D:26    | Noticed Paqy the pandemonium lord
156850 | D:26    | Defeated Paqy the pandemonium lord
156960 | D:22    | Noticed Kha Saod the pandemonium lord
156963 | D:22    | Defeated Kha Saod the pandemonium lord
157339 | D:2     | Noticed Thrud the pandemonium lord
157409 | D:$     | Escaped with the Orb!