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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

List of gods

Ability comparison

bold = An activatable ability

Comparison of abilities granted by gods
God Piety - (0) Piety * (30) Piety ** (50) Piety *** (75) Piety **** (100) Piety ***** (120) Piety ****** (160)
Ashenzari Use a scroll of remove curse to curse items of choice.

Prevent outside sources of curses

Detect curses on items

Detect locations of portals

Map terrain outside of LOS

Detect monsters outside of LOS

Detect items outside of LOS

Improved trap detection

Identify monsters' weapons, armour, and wands

Identify Armor

See through walls

Identify Amulets and Rings

Boosted skills when cursed

See invisible


Transfer skill points from one skill to another
Beogh Chance of preventing lethal damage (not during penance)

Experience is spread to followers

Smite enemies Convert orcish followers

Bless orcish followers

Recall orcish followers

Gain orcish reinforcements if no followers are present

Walk on water

Gift named followers with an item

Resurrect the corpses of orcs
Cheibriados Slow movement

Improved stats

Slow everything adjacent to you

Slows metabolism and poison damage Step monsters forward in time Hurt everything faster than you in LOS Skip yourself forward in time
Dithmenos Surrounded by umbra Step into the shadows of immobile monsters within your umbra Bleed smoke when injured Your shadow mimics your actions Enter Shadow Form
Elyvilon Chance of preventing lethal damage Heal yourself a little

Temporarily guarantee protection from lethal damage

Heal other creatures (may pacify them) Remove status effects, restore stats, cure rot Heal yourself a lot Temporarily increase maximum HP/MP
Fedhas Madash Decompose corpses into toadstools; rots zombies and ghouls

Turns all plants friendly

Walk through plants

Shoot through plants

Evolve plants into allies using rations Call sunlight, drying water Grow plants using rations Summon ballistomycete spores from corpses Call rain, creating water
Gozag Ym Sagoz Monsters leave gold instead of corpses

Detect gold and shops

Pay for potion effects

Fund the opening of new shops

Bribe monsters of a particular branch into not attacking you or joining you

Hepliaklqana Maximum HP reduced by 10%

Pick the name and gender of your ancestor

Recall your ancestor

Choose your ancestor's background (Knight, Battlemage, or Hexer) Switch your ancestor with another creature Heal your ancestor and temporarily grant them increased damage, spell power, and AC Drains creatures next to your ancestor after it swaps with another creature
Jiyva Turns all slimes and eyeballs neutral

Shuffles your stats

Creates neutral jellies and eats off-level items

Protects you from slimy walls

Summon a neutral jelly to devour items

Gain nutrition when slimes eat items

Gifts random mutations

Grants resistance to corrosion

Gain MP when slimes eat items Turn enemies into slimes

Gain HP when jellies eat items

Remove a random bad mutation Taking heavy damage creates slime allies

Removes the walls of the Slime Pits rune vault

Kikubaaqudgha Summon corpses

Gifts a low-level Necromancy spellbook

Grants protection from Necromancy miscasts and death curses Gifts a mid-level Necromancy spellbook Grants some resistance to Torment Invoke Torment using a corpse (Once only) Receive either the Necronomicon or a pain brand on weapon
Lugonu Safely unwield weapons of distortion Depart the Abyss Blink yourself and monsters around you Banish monsters to the Abyss Corrupt current level Banish yourself to the Abyss Find the Abyssal rune more easily

(Once only) Receive distortion brand on weapon

Makhleb Gain HP from killing Fire a random low-level beam Summon an average-strength demon Fire a random high-level beam Summon a powerful demon
Nemelex Xobeh Gifts decks of cards

Improved card power

Choose a card from the first three in a deck Deal four cards from a deck in a single turn Sort the first five cards in a deck
Okawaru Increase physical combat skills Receive ammunition as gifts Double attack speed

Receive weapons and armour as gifts

Qazlal Immunity to all harmful clouds. Passively create elemental clouds around you, adding SH and generating noise. Smite an area with random elemental damage Convert nearby clouds to elementals Permanent Repel Missiles, and taking fire, cold, electric, or physical damage has a chance to grant +rF, +rC, +rElec, or +3AC respectively Randomly smite many areas in LOS with random elemental damage
Ru Make personal sacrifices to gain piety Attacks against you sometimes falter or are redirected to enemies Enemies attacking you suffer bad status effects Regain HP and MP, and cure "restraint" status effects Leap 3 tiles and damage enemies near your landing point Deals heavy damage and random status effects to enemies in LOS
Sif Muna Cast a spell even without enough MP, but briefly disables spellcasting Grants protection from miscast effects Regain MP at will Forget spells at will Receive spellbooks as gifts
Trog Turn spellbooks into clouds of flame

Protects allies from abjuration

May extended berserker rage when killing

Grants protection from paralysis after berserking

Go berserk Increase regeneration and magic resistance Receive ammunition as gifts Summon a berserk ally Receive weapons as gifts
Uskayaw Deal damage to adjacent creatures Pass through and confuse a line of creatures Paralyzes enemies in your line of sight Enemies that take damage spread some of that damage to nearby creatures Blink to and instantly kill a monster
Vehumet Receive destructive spells as gifts

Gain MP from killing

Reduced chance of miscasting destructive spells Increased range of destructive spells
Wu Jian Council Deal 120% attack damage when moving directly toward an enemy Deal 80% attack damage when moving adjacent to an enemy and pin them in place Jump off a wall and attack all enemies next to where you land (takes two turns) Gain two instantaneous moves and boosts damage of martial attacks Grants the player a halo, summons opaque clouds, and grants a slaying bonus
Xom Special, see Xom#Acts
Yredelemnul Animate a corpse or skeleton Temporarily reflect incoming damage

Recall undead allies

Animate all corpses in sight

Receive undead servants as gifts

Drain life from all living beings in sight Curse a living being to become your slave when killed
Zin Chance of preventing lethal damage

Grants increasing protection from mutations

Grants increasing protection from Hell effects

Inflict random status effects on enemies; more effective against evil and chaotic enemies Increase stats and gain resistance to poison and status effects Create temporary prison around enemy Create temporary sanctuary from danger Potions of mutation only remove mutations
The Shining One Chance of preventing lethal damage

Grants increasing protection from negative energy

Protects allies from abjuration

Blesses allies that make kills

You and your allies gain HP/MP from slaying evil monsters

Surrounded by halo

Create divine shield Call down a blast of holy energy Summon friendly Angel or Daeva (Once only) Receive holy wrath brand on weapon

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