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List of gods

Ability comparison

Comparison of abilities granted by gods
God Piety - (0) Piety * (30) Piety ** (50) Piety *** (75) Piety **** (100) Piety ***** (120) Piety ****** (130)
Ashenzari Sacrifice scrolls of remove curse

Prevent curses

Detection abilities

Identify Armor Identify Amulet/Rings

Skill Boost

See invisible


Scrying (vision through walls) Transfer Knowledge (XP) among skills
Beogh Chance of lethal damage being prevented Bonus for using orcish gear Smite-targeted damage Convert orcish followers

Bless orcish followers

Recall orcish followers

Orcish reinforcements if no followers

Walk on water
Cheibriados Give a piece of gear the ponderousness brand Slows metabolism

Grants stat bonuses for wearing ponderous gear

Slow everything adjacent to you Damage all in LOS faster than you Move to nowhere and let time pass
Elyvilon Destroy weapons/ammunition you're standing on

Chance of lethal damage being prevented

Lesser self-healing

Lesser healing of monsters, can pacify

Prevent lethal damage by praying

Remove status afflictions Greater self-healing

Greater healing of monsters

Restore stats, rotten HP Max HP/MP increased by Invocation skill
Fedhas Madash Plants are friendly

Walk through plants

Shoot through plants

Decompose bodies, cause fungus to grow

Use fruit to turn plant into friendly ally Dry water with sunlight Grow plants from fruit Summon giant spores from corpses Circle of water around you
Jiyva Slime and eye monsters neutral

Occasionally shielded from corrosion

Summon a neutral jelly to devour items Sometimes protected from corrosion Pray to halt devouring slimes Turn enemies to slimes

Often protected from corrosion

Remove a random bad mutation Hits that deal >25% max HP spawn jellies

Almost always shielded from corrosion

Gifts of random mutation

Stat shuffling

Kikubaaqudgha Create corpses near you Chance to avoid Necromancy miscasts Chance to avoid being diseased when casting Haunt

Protection from Torment

Invoke Torment HP bonus for Death's Door

Receive Necronomicon or permanent Pain branded weapon

Lugonu Depart the Abyss Blink yourself and monsters around you, cause damage Fire beam of banishment Corrupt current level Open gate to Abyss Better blinking in Abyss

Easier Abyssal rune

(Piety >160) Receive distortion brand on weapon

Makhleb Gain HP from killing Cast a random low-level beam Summon an average-strength demon Cast a random high-level beam Summon a random-high-level demon
Nemelex Xobeh Improved cards Draw from a deck in your inventory Look at the first two cards of a deck Choose a card from the first three in a deck Mark four cards in a deck Order the first five cards in a deck
Okawaru Gain effect of a potion of might (Piety 81) Receive ammunition as a gift Gain effect of a potion of speed Receive weapons and armor as gifts
Sif Muna Recover MP at will Forget spells at will (Selective Amnesia) Protection from miscast effects (Piety 160) Receive spellbooks as gifts
The Shining One Chance of lethal damage being prevented

Negative energy protection

Gain HP/MP from slaying evil monsters

Surrounded by halo

Create divine shield Fire beam of holy energy Summon friendly Angel or Daeva Protection from abjurations

Bless allies

(Piety >160) Receive holy wrath brand on weapon

Trog Turn spellbooks into clouds of flame

Protection from abjurations

Extended berserk from killing

Protection from exhaustion after berserking

Berserk Activate ability to regain health and increase magic resistance (Piety 81) Receive ammunition as a gift Summon a berserking ally Receive weapons as gifts
Vehumet Gain MP from killing Reduced chance of miscasting conjuration spells

Increased range of conjuration spells

Reduced MP cost of conjuration spells

Protection from hostile summons (Piety 160) Receive conjuration and summoning spellbooks as gifts
Xom Special, see Xom#Acts
Yredelemnul Animate a corpse or skeleton Reflect damage while praying

Recall undead allies

Animate all corpses in sight

Receive undead servants as gifts

Drain life from all living beings in sight Curse a living being to become your slave when killed
Zin Chance of protecion from lethal damage

Chance of protection from mutation

Chance of protection from illness, rotting, miasma

Cause random status effects on enemies

Pray while Starving for sustenance

Cure negative status/restore abilities

OR Temporary +3 bonus to all stats

Create temporary tomb around enemy Create sanctuary of protection

Cure all mutations

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