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Version 0.18: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
This page is about the player species. For the monster, see Halfling (monster).
Halflings, who are named for being about half the size of Humans, live in small villages. They live simple lives and have simple interests. Sometimes a particularly restless Halfling will leave his or her village in search of adventure.

Halflings are very small but surprisingly hardy for their size, even having an innate resistance to mutagenic effects. They can use short blades and shields very well, are passable with long blades, and excel in ranged combat with slings. They are also very stealthy and dextrous, but are poor at magic (except for charms, translocations, and air magic). They advance in levels as rapidly as Humans. Halflings cannot wield large weapons.

Innate Abilities

Halflings have a base Strength of 8, Intelligence of 7 and Dexterity of 9 (before Background modifiers) and have normal base magic points.

Preferred Backgrounds

Level Bonuses

Starting Skills and Equipment

Halflings start with all the equipment and skills listed for their background, with the following exception:

Difficulty of Play


Halflings are a fairly easy species to play due to the fact that they have many benefits from their small size, with few drawbacks. As far as the small species go they are robust (only -10% HP) but still receive bonuses to EV and stealth, while also having fine aptitudes in dodging, stealth, and armour skills, among others. Halflings' innate mutation resistance occasionally comes in handy, as well, though it is far from the main draw of the species.

Skill aptitudes

The higher the value, the better the aptitude.

Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude
Attack Miscellaneous Magic
Fighting -1 Armour 1 Spellcasting -3
Short Blades 2 Dodging 1 Conjurations -2
Long Blades 0 Stealth 2 Hexes -2
Axes 0 Shields 1 Charms 1
Maces & Flails -1 Summonings -2
Polearms -1 Necromancy -2
Staves -2 Translocations 1
Unarmed Combat -2 Transmutation -4
Fire Magic 0
Throwing 0 Ice Magic 0 Invocations 1
Slings 4 Air Magic 0 Evocations 0
Bows 1 Earth Magic 0
Crossbows 1 Poison Magic 0 Experience 1


Halfling stealth aptitude changed from 1 to 2 in 0.16.

Halfling stats and aptitudes were rebalanced in 0.15. They also had Slow Metabolism prior to that version.

Prior to 0.14, halflings could not use throwing nets.

Halflings were much improved in 0.6. This update improved their Shields proficiency and HP/level, and also made slings more useful through the addition of branded bullets.

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