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Version 0.22: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Harold @Harold.png
HP 50-102
HD 9
XP 996
Speed 10
AC 0
EV 8
MR 60
Attack1 20 (hit: plain)

Type of Meat Clean
Resistances None
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat Land
Intelligence Human
Uses Weapons & armour
Starting equipment
Open doors
Holiness Natural
Size Medium
Type human, human
Flags Fighter
A middle-aged bounty hunter, anxious to retire after one final job. He hopes to settle down somewhere and live a quiet life with his family, using the money from his final bounty: you.

Useful Info

Harold the Weathered is a unique human bounty hunter who generates with several throwing nets, a decent weapon and a moderately heavy armour. He has high HP and some strong spells which severely limit your ability to escape, in Harpoon Shot and Sentinel's Mark, but no resistances and is not particularly strong in melee.



Spell set I
Slot1 Harpoon Shot (2d12) Wizard flag
Slot2 Sentinel's Mark Wizard flag

Tips & Tricks

  • The spell Harpoon Shot, coupled with his throwing nets, can make it extremely difficult to outrun Harold, as he will repeatedly pull you towards him and trap you there whilst doing moderate damage with his competent melee skills.
  • Watch out for his Sentinel's Mark, which may very well have an extremely high success chance (about 80%) without MR equipment, that can drag in enemies from all around you to join in the fight, while he prevents you from running away. As a result, it may be best to fight Harold on a cleared floor where there will be no enemies for him to attract.
  • Harold can't see invisible, so feel free to quaff a potion and then hack away.


Prior to 0.22, Harold generated later (D:10-12, Lair:1-4 and Orc:1), had worse armour and weapons, and had the spells Bolt of Fire and Blink instead of Harpoon Shot and Sentinel's Mark.