Hat of the Bear Spirit

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Version 0.17: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A fur hat once owned by Ukta, a powerful ogre shaman. It houses the spirit of an especially mighty bear.

Hat of the bear spirit.png the +2 hat of the Bear Spirit

+2 hat

Spirit shield ego
Allows berserk
+80 MR


The hat of the Bear Spirit essentially combines the advantages of an amulet of rage, an amulet of guardian spirit, part of an amulet of warding, and a slightly buffed ring of protection from magic together. Any character with MP to spare and a bit of Evocations training should keep an eye out for it; barring an excellent randart or the hat of the Alchemist, you are unlikely to find a more useful piece of headwear.


  • In 0.14 the MR provided was increased from 50 to 80.