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Version 0.11: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Mace
Weight 12.0 aum
Skill Maces & Flails
Damage 8
Accuracy +3
Base delay (%) 140%
Min delay {{{mindelay}}}
Hands 1H
Size  ?
Ranged? No

A short metal spiked military club. This effective instrument dents armour and breaks bones through blunt force.

"[My plan] does not propose to fill your lobby with squabbling colony agents, who will require the interposition of your mace at every instant to keep the peace among them."

-Edmund Burke, "On Conciliation With America", speech in Parliament. 1775.

This weapon falls into the 'Maces & Flails' category. It is a one handed weapon, and it is better for the strong.

The mace is a fairly light Maces & Flails weapon. Although a decent option for the early game, you'll want to find something more powerful as soon as possible.

Common Dwarven Orcish
Mundane File:Mace 1.png File:Dwarven mace 1.png File:Orcish mace 1.png
Magical/Artifact File:Mace 2.png File:Dwarven mace 2.png File:Orcish mace 2.png
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