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CrawlWiki has no formal style guide as of yet, but there are a few conventions in use. The following is a list of them. Changes should be discussed on the talk page.


CrawlWiki is not just an encyclopedia of Dungeon Crawl, but articles should be written in a largely encyclopedic tone. That means clearly separating facts from comments, by putting strategy tips in their own section, and comments on the talk page. Spelling and grammar should follow Americanized language rules.

Article names

Try to be consistent with existing articles:

  • Name most pages with lowercase letters, like scroll of identify, but use uppercase for proper nouns, like the Royal Jelly.
  • Prefer singular to plural (i.e. Hydra instead of Hydras)
  • Redirect acronyms like YASD to pages like Yet Another Stupid Death.

The first time the article name appears in the main text, it should be bolded. This includes the titles of any redirects redirecting to the article.

Version Templates

Factual articles should have a version template attached to it. These articles should have one of three headers:

There may be articles with other version tags, such as:

These articles should be updated to one of the three templates above.

Information on future releases

Articles that completely new for the next version of the game receive the Template:Version013 tag. However, if adding information to a article that also pertains to the current version, The future information should go in the History subsection of the article. Add Category:Crystal Ball Articles as well.


When creating a new article, redirect variations on that name to it, to avoid someone duplicating the article under a slightly different title.

For in-game messages, redirect the message (e.g. Something just walked over your grave. No, really!) to the article about the thing that caused it. If the message can have multiple causes, create a disambiguation page.

The syntax for a redirect is like this:

#REDIRECT [[insert article]]

See Help:Redirects for help creating redirects.

New articles

Do not create empty new articles or new articles that contain nothing but the {{Stub}} message just in hopes of seeing someone add more content to them. Add the content yourself! If you don't know about the subject, learn about it or ask politely at CrawlWiki's talk page for someone to create the article.


Categories are not articles. Do not link an article directly to a category page. Category pages are simply to organize lists of related pages in one place. Each new article should have at least one category assigned to it. The naming convention should be: singular for article pages, and plural for categories, so you have Skill to describe skills, and Category:Skills to list the skills.


Capitalizing should be done on proper nouns only. capitalizing is reserved for uniques and artifacts. Therefore the Ring of the Nine Firedrakes, or whatever, does get capitals, because that's its name; an amulet of rage is not named, and doesn't. You don't call a long sword 'the Long Sword', after all.


The highest header level that should be used is ==This==. Do not use =These=, they are reserved for the article main title only. In each article, there should be a brief introduction before going into specifics. This introduction should not have a header, like ==Introduction==, because it is obvious and because when omitting it, the introduction appears before the table of contents as it is supposed to.

Section names

Some sections are common to many articles. Try to use one of these for the section header rather than a variant like "Source", "Previous versions", or "External Links". Known standard sections are:

  • Strategy
  • See also
  • References
  • External links
  • Useful infos
  • Tips & Tricks
  • History

Item pages

Each item page should also list the effects of the item, and any messages that item can generate. Tips and strategy relating to that item should go next.


  • {{Stub}} can be used on a page to plea for someone to expand it. From time to time, some editors will look over Category:Stubs for articles to expand.
  • {{Delete}} adds a page to Category:Candidates for Deletion so that administrators can consider deleting it. Please give a reason in the talk page of an article before adding the Delete template.

A list of templates can be found here.

Sign your posts

When writing on articles/users' talk-pages sign your posts with four tildes, ~~~~. That will automatically expand to your signature with time-stamp.

General principles

Consider consulting Wikipedia's Manual of Style on the matter; some editors think that it's pretty good.