Holy wrath

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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

The holy wrath brand causes a weapon to deal an additional 0 to 150% damage (averaging 75%) to demons and the undead, and renders it immune to curses. It can be found on any melee weapon, and radiates with a divine glow when wielded, identifying it.

You cannot wield weapons with this brand if you are a mummy, ghoul, vampire, demonspawn, or lichform character. Worshipers of Yredelemnul should also avoid using it, as doing so will offend Yred.

The holy wrath brand is the Shining One's special brand. At 160+ piety, you can have the brand added to any weapon of your choosing (including all ranged weapons except for blowguns).

Note that this brand does not deal additional damage to non-demonic, non-undead evil creatures, even if they have holy vulnerability.

Tips & Tricks

  • Holy wrath works best on high-damage weapons due to its percentage-based damage output.
  • While weak in most early-game branches (the Lair, the Slime Pits), it excels in the late-game, when most branches are filled with powerful demons and undead. The Crypt, the Tomb, Pandemonium and the Hells are especially good places to have a weapon of holy wrath.
  • Followers of Ashenzari may wish to avoid this brand, as they will not be able to curse their weapon and gain the benefits from doing so.
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