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*Increases the AC bonus from [[Ozocubu's Armour]]
*Increases the AC bonus from [[Ozocubu's Armour]]
*Gain [[freezing]]-[[brand]]ed [[Unarmed Combat]] attacks
*Gain [[freezing]]-[[brand]]ed [[Unarmed Combat]] attacks
**Unarmed Combat attacks are slightly more powerful
**[[Unarmed Combat]] attacks are more powerful (base damage goes from 3 (in most cases) to 12)
*Corpses can be butchered by hand
*Can swim through [[deep water]]
*Can swim through [[deep water]]
*Resistance to [[Primal Wave]]
*Resistance to [[Primal Wave]]

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Version 0.13: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Ice form.png Ice Form
Level 4
School1 Ice
School2 Transmutation
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 0
This spell temporarily transforms the caster's body into a frozen ice-creature, light enough to float on water.

Ice Form is a level 4 Ice Magic/Transmutations spell which transforms you, giving you a body made of ice. You gain the following:





  • With bonuses to HP, AC, and multiple resistances, Ice Form can make a flimsy caster significantly more durable (so long as he watches out for fire attacks). The loss of weapons and armour is not too terrible for transmuters, since they often focus on Unarmed Combat and Dodge anyway, and an ice elementalist's spellcasting will not be impeded.
  • The resistances provided make the caster capable of using Mephitic Cloud, Freezing Cloud, and Poisonous Cloud without fear of injuring himself.
  • Ice Form is useful in the Swamp and other waterlogged areas for travelling through deep water and ignoring poison and confusion effects. Just be careful not to accidentally drown when the spell wears off. It is less useful in the Shoals; although the rC+++ and Primal Wave resistance helps against merfolk aquamancers and Ilsuiw, a merfolk javelineer armed with silver javelins will be a serious threat.
  • Since Ice Form provides rPois, you can use it to eat poisonous meat from kobolds and the like. Just make sure you do so before you hit Starving and become incapable of casting.


Prior to 0.9, Ice Form also provided conservation for the player's currently held potions.

Prior to 0.6, Ice Form did not allow you to butcher while unarmed.

Ice Form
Ice transform.png