Inner Flame

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Version 0.10: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Inner flame.png Inner Flame
Level 3
School1 Hexes
School2 Fire
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 0 (15 or 20 when the monster explodes, depends on the size of the monster)
This spell fills an enemy with an intense fire, to be explosively released upon death. The size of the explosion caused is dependent on the size of the target.

Inner Flame is a level 3 Hexes/Fire Magic spell which gives a monster the Inner Flame status. This spell can be countered by magic resistance. On death, this monster will explode like Fireball, dealing fire damage to all adjacent squares and leaving clouds of fire. The amount of damage and radius of the explosion is dependent on the monster's size:

  • Tiny monsters have a radius 1 explosion and deal 3d15 damage.
  • Little through Big monsters (i.e. most creatures in the game) have a radius 1 explosion and deal 3d20 damage.
  • Giant and Huge monsters have a radius 2 explosion and deal 3d25 damage.

If a corpse would be created by the exploding monster, chunks get strewn about instead as with a wand of disintegration.


Used correctly, you can deal tremendous damage to multiple enemies early in the game with Inner Flame. Used incorrectly, you'll probably blow yourself to bits.