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Version 0.20: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Invisibility.png Invisibility
Level 6
School1 Hexes
Casting noise 0
Spell noise 0

This page is about the Invisibility spell. For the armour ego, see Invisibility (ego).

This spell hides a creature from the sight of others. While invisible you will gain magical contamination, which may eventually cause enough glow to make you visible again.

Invisibility is a level 6 Hexes spell which fires a single-target enchantment beam, rendering the first target it strikes invisible. This generally makes the target harder to perceive by opponents that lack the see invisible or sense invisible intrinsics, greatly benefiting stealthy stabbing-focused characters. The benefits (and drawbacks) of invisibility are more complicated than one might expect. See the Invisible page for more details.

This spell cannot affect targets which are backlit in any way. Casting it on yourself immediately gives you 1d2 points of magic contamination.


The most straightforward use for Invisibility is to cast it on yourself, greatly boosting your ability to sneak up on and stab enemies incapable of detecting invisible creatures. This will generate significant amounts of magic contamination if overused, so give yourself time to decontaminate if you find yourself casting it repeatedly. Alternatively, you may wish to use the Dazzling Spray spell. This level 3 spell both damages and blinds targets, including many enemies that can see invisible, providing many of the benefits of invisibility with none of the penalties.

Casting Invisibility on your allies does not cause any magic contamination on your part, but provides them with little significant benefit.

Avoiding remaining in water while invisible, as this will reveal your location to nearby monsters.

If you can cast it reliably before Lair and its branch Swamp, Snake Pit or the Shoals it is a good investment because most monsters there, except for unique, do no have the See Invisible intrinsic, making them much easier. Then further you play, starting from the Vaults or Elven Halls you'll encounter more monster able to see you. To see the full list of dangerous monster while invisible, check the list available at Category:See_invisible

Notably in Zot, Draconians do not have the See Invisible intrisic either.

Monster Version

  • Invisibility applied to monsters from any source, regardless of spell power, has a duration of 16 to 56 of the monster's turns. Many enemy spellcasters can cast Invisibility.
  • Monsters will generally not do so unless you're in line of sight, so you will at least see them for a moment before they become invisible.
  • Do note that monsters also will cast it when in sight of your allies (f.e. your undead minions rushing ahead of you). This can lead to an invisible spellcaster coming right at you, without giving you any hints about its presence until the first attack starts. While this may be a niche case, it is a rather deadly and unexpected one.

See the Invisible page for a full list on monster's capable of casting Invisibility, as well as a list of monsters who are innately, permanently invisible.