Ironheart preserver

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Version 0.12: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

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ironheart preserver ? Ironheart preserver.png
HP  ?
HD  ?
"?" is not a number.
XP  ?
"?" is not a number.
Speed  ?
"?" is not a number.
AC  ?
"?" is not a number.
EV  ?
"?" is not a number.
MR  ?
"?" is not a number.
Attack1  ? (hit: plain)

Type of Meat Contaminated
Resistances  ?
Vulnerabilities  ?
Habitat land
Intelligence  ?
Uses Weapons & armour
Holiness Natural
Size Medium
Type human, human
Flags  ?

Useful Info

Ironheart preservers are durable enemy support fighters which can take damage in place of their allies, making it more difficult to kill dangerous-yet-flimsy opponents first. They can be found in ?.

Spells: Injury Bond

Tips & Tricks

  • Injury Bond causes half the damage dealt to an affected enemy to be redirected to the ironheart preserver, effectively doubling the HP of everything around it until the preserver is destroyed.


Ironheart preservers will be added in 0.12.