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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Javelin
Launcher Throwing
Base damage 10
Base delay (%) 15 (150%)
Min delay 7 at Throwing skill 16
A lightweight spear, designed for throwing.

Javelins are one of the most powerful Throwing weapons in the game. Although they pale in comparison to large rocks, they can be used effectively by any medium size or larger species and deal respectable damage. It may be destroyed on impact.

Javelins can have the following brands:

Mulch rate: 5%

Tips & Tricks

  • No matter what you're playing as, if you happen to find a stack of javelins in the early game and are large enough to throw them, do so; having a decently accurate, moderate damage ranged attack that can be targeted to the edge of your line of sight will greatly increase your ability to survive early ogres and the like. If your target is still near full health when it gets close to you, however, consider making a retreat. Javelins can deal heavy damage when they hit, but they're a bit unreliable.
  • Javelins are plentiful in the Shoals; many merfolk (particularly merfolk javelineers) will carry stacks of them, including useful branded ones. Okawaru and Trog will also periodically gift them to followers skilled with Throwing weapons.
Common Magical Silver Steel
Image Javelin1.png Javelin2.png Silver javelin1.png Steel javelin1.png
Silver javelin2.png Steel javelin2.png


Prior to 0.18, javelins' throwing speed did not depend on Throwing skill.

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