Kryia's mail coat

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Version 0.18: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
This armour is said to have been forged for Kryia in her old age. The queen insisted on leading her armies from the front even into old age, but as her aging body failed her, this coat helped to enhance the healing draughts that kept her alive.

Kryia's mail coal.png the +7 Kryia's mail coat

+7 scale mail


DeviceHeal multiplier does not work on Deep Dwarf characters.


The ability of Kryia's mail coat to double healing from potions and wands is of great use in the early to mid-game, but its utility is far less in the late game or extended. Casters will usually wear something lighter to minimize penalties to spellcasting, and fighters will typically find heavier armour that provides better defenses. Even hybrids will often find armour that simply has better innate resistances. However, for a character lacking in cold resistance or relying heavily on healing as a crutch, Kryia's mail coat is very useful.


Kryia's mail coat was introduced in version 0.17.