Lajatang of Order

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Legend says that once the staff was the favoured weapon of the many priests of Zin. Long ago Zin bestowed this gift upon a favoured worshipper.

Lajatang of Order.png the +7,+7 lajatang of Order

+7,+7 lajatang

Silver ego
Mutation resistance (90% against most sources; 50% against glow; it doesn't stack with the amulet)


The lajatang of Order is an excellent weapon, providing good, fast damage output in general, and excellent damage when dealing with silver-vulnerable enemies. Just as impressive is the fact that it provides mutation resistance, duplicating the effects of an amulet of resist mutation without filling the amulet equipment slot. Characters with Staves-training should pick it up as a no-brainer, while hybrid fighters and melee-specialists in general should at least consider using it as a swap item.