Lajatang of Order

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Version 0.24: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A silver-bladed lajatang, once bestowed upon a favoured worshipper of Zin. It became the most prized weapon of the many priests of Zin. After their order was destroyed, it fell into disuse and vanished from history.

Lajatang of Order.png the +7 lajatang of Order

+7 lajatang

Silver ego
Mutation resistance (66% chance to resist hostile mutations.)


The lajatang of Order[1] is an excellent weapon, providing good, fast damage output in general, and excellent damage when dealing with silver-vulnerable enemies. Just as impressive is the fact that it provides mutation resistance (ironically, this also makes it much less desirable for actual worshipers of Zin and other characters who already have mutation resistance). Melee characters, particularly those who have already trained Staves, may well want this as their main melee weapon. Other melee fighters, as well as casters using enhancer staves, may want to keep it around as a swap for monsters that can cast malmutate (all of which are chaotic, and will thus suffer extra damage).



In 0.18, the artifact rMut property was changed to only give 66% resistance instead of 90%. Also, the amulet of resist mutation was removed, leaving this artifact as one of the few remaining sources of mutation resistance.

The lajatang of Order was added in 0.14.