Leda's Liquefaction

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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Leda's liquefaction.png Leda's Liquefaction
Level 4
School1 Earth
School2 Hexes
Source(s) Book of Debilitation
Book of the Earth
Fen Folio
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 0
Power Cap 200
Flags Area
Liquefies the ground around the caster, making it difficult to move through. Any movement through liquefied ground will be slowed, and attempts to attack in melee may fail.

The effect starts out with a radius depending on power, which will then shrink, eventually covering only the caster, before it times out.

Leda's Liquefaction is a level 4 Earth/Hexes spell which creates an area of difficult terrain around the caster.


Casting Leda's Liquefaction liquefies the ground around the caster including the square occupied by the caster. The size of this area is based on the remaining duration of the spell (similar to Silence), with a maximum radius of 5. At the end of the duration only the square the caster is standing on will be liquefied. The liquefied area moves with the caster and affects any dungeon feature with a solid floor.

Liquefied ground causes an extra movement delay of 3 for players and between 3 and 10 for monsters. Creatures in this terrain (including the caster) may lose their footing and waste their melee attacks as though they were fighting from shallow water (even creatures immune to shallow water penalties will fumble). Ranged attacks and spellcasting are unaffected by this, as are creatures that are stationary, insubstantial, clinging, or flying.

The spell cannot be cast if the caster is not standing on solid ground; this includes liquefied ground, meaning it can't be recast until the effects have completely worn off. Flight is generally impossible while the spell is still in effect; in the event the caster somehow leaves solid ground (whether by being forced to fly or by entering water), the spell will end early.


  • While melee characters will find this spell far more frustrating than handy, characters who rely on ranged attacks to deal damage can benefit greatly from the extra turns it takes melee-based opponents to reach you, coupled with the added failure rate their attacks suffer.
  • Blink (or preferably Controlled Blink) will allow you to put some distance between yourself and an opponent who manages to finally reach you, giving you several more turns to snipe it in safety.