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Version 0.13: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Constructs are a variety of monster which, although technically not alive, is animated through magical means. They all share certain immunities thanks to their absent biologies; poison, asphyxiation, and negative energy attacks are largely useless against them. Although their are some exceptions, they also tend to enjoy a wide variety of elemental resistances, as well as a susceptibility to the deconstructive spells of the Earth Magic school.

Although similar in some ways to statues, constructs are capable of movement and regeneration, setting them easily apart.


Golems are big, hulking, mindless constructs that are generally rather slow but pack quite a punch. Some of the more powerful ones have high AC, and they all come with complete immunity to anything subject to magic resistance and varying levels of resistance to most elemental magic. Fortunately, non-elemental Conjurations can still damage them effectively, their slow speed makes kiting them easy, and since most of them are made of brittle substances, Lee's Rapid Deconstruction and Shatter work well on them. Golems are fairly rare and are generally found only in special vaults.

8 Clay golem.png Clay golem- A basic golem. Big, slow, and easy to smash.

8 Toenail golem.png Toenail golem- Bizarre creations that are rarely seen, even for golems. Slightly more powerful than a clay golem.

8 Stone golem.png Stone golem- A significant step up from the clay golem in power and durability.

8 Iron golem.png Iron golem- Made of solid iron, these are among the beefiest of their kind.

8 Crystal golem.png Crystal golem- A golem made out of solid crystal. Variants that can fire bolts of cold and fire appear in certain vaults.

8 Electric golem.png Electric golem- The most powerful golem, these roam the Realm of Zot and annihilate the unprepared with bolts of lightning and electrical attacks. They are also much faster than other golems, immune to Lee's Rapid Deconstruction, and blink constantly.

Upcoming Golems

8 Crystal guardian.png Crystal guardian- Crystal sentinels who pelt intruders with ricocheting bolts of fire and cold.

Retired Golems

8 Wood golem.png Wood golem- The weakest variety of golem. Unlike its stronger brethren, it burned easily.


Gargoyles are similar to golems in construction, but possess an actual intelligence, allowing them to wield weapons and behave less mechanically. They are generally fairly harmless, only posing a threat to adventurers weakened by other opponents beforehand.

9 Gargoyle (monster).png Gargoyle (monster)- Predatory statuary, swooping clumsily through the Dungeon in search of victims.

9 Molten gargoyle.png Molten gargoyle- A living, shrieking, hateful grotesque composed entirely of lava.

9 Metal gargoyle.png Metal gargoyle- A sturdier gargoyle, most often found roosting in the hellish fortress of Dispater.

Upcoming Gargoyes

9 War gargoyle.png War gargoyle- Flying metal warriors which swarm their foes and rain deadly shrapnel.


In 0.14, crystal golems will be replaced with crystal guardians and metal gargoyles will be replaced with war gargoyles.

Wood golems were removed in 0.12.