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Version 0.12: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

For the standard dungeon plant, see plant.

The majority of the plants you'll find in the Dungeon are stationary "creatures", serving as harmless obstacles to a player's exploration. However, there are a wide variety of aggressive, carnivorous plants that will attack you as readily as any other threat. Plants are most common in nature-themed branches like the Lair and the Swamp, though many varieties can be found elsewhere. Many plants are immune to magical effects and negative energy, but fire tends to work well against them.

All plants are sacred to Fedhas Madash; followers of Fedhas will not be harmed by the more hostile plants (and are forbidden from harming them in return), and gain several powers that allow them to harness plants to hinder or even directly attack their enemies.

Plant types


These plants are simple obstacles that may be removed with varying degrees of difficulty. Worshipers of Fedhas Madash may move (albeit slowly) and attack freely through them. Trees also exist, but they are considered a type of wall rather than a monster. Not even Fedhas can enable you to pass through trees.

P Toadstool.png Toadstool- Short-lived fungi that sprout from corpses blessed by Fedhas Madash.

P Fungus.png Fungus- Huge mushrooms that grow well in the Dungeon's damp conditions. Can be cut down with releative ease.

P Plant.png Plant- Sturdy flora that grow abundantly in certain branches. Can be hacked through with some effort.

P Bush.png Bush- Tough, woody plants that block movement but not line of fire. Difficult to remove without resorting to fire.


P Burning bush.png Burning bush- Rare incendiary bushes that periodically spew flames at passersby.

* File:Giant spore.png f Ballistomycete.png Giant spores and Ballistomycetes - Two different stages of the ballistomycete's life cycle: the spores chase down other creatures and explode, creating adult fungi, which create more spores, and so forth. If left unchecked, a single colony can cover an entire floor in hazardous fungus.

f Wandering mushroom.png Wandering mushroom- Shy fungal creatures that quietly follow you while you aren't looking. When threatened, they defend themselves with blasts of confusing spores.

P Oklob sapling.png Oklob sapling- Immature oklob plants, their vitriolic secretions are nonetheless hazardous to both your health and your gear.

P Oklob plant.png Oklob plant- Hateful, deadly plants that corrode flesh and equipment alike with their acidic projectiles.

Upcoming plants

Many of these plants will be added to the 0.13 Enchanted Forest branch.

P Briar patch.png Briar patch- Spiny tangles called forth by thorn hunters to entrap their prey.

f Deathcap.png Deathcap- Foul, undead fungi called into existence by curse toes. They can drain the life out of their foes from a distance.

w Snaplasher vine.png Snaplasher vine- Strong vines that pull intruders into the forest at the behest of a dryad.

P Thorn lotus.png Thorn lotus- Deceptively beautiful flowers that float serenely on the surface of ponds and rivers. Careless admirers will find themselves suddenly pelted with sharp spikes.

f Thorn hunter.png Thorn hunter- Predatory plants that block their quarry's escape with briar patches before downing them with volleys of thorns.

f Shambling mangrove.png Treant- Mobile trees that send swarms of bees or wasps at their attackers while pummeling them with their branches.