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#REDIRECT [[Scroll#List of Scrolls]]
'''Scrolls''' provide (mostly) useful magical effects for those who read them, essentially functioning as one-shot spells on demand. Scrolls can be found throughout the Dungeon as randomly generated loot or can be bought in appropriate [[shop]]s.
Unlike certain other roguelikes, in ''Crawl'' every character is able to read by default (although the [[Bad mutations#Blurry Vision|Blurry Vision]] [[mutation]] may cause your character to fail when attempting to do so; +20% failure rate per rank of the mutation). Scrolls can't be read when [[berserk]] or [[silence]]d. Reading while [[confused]] will cause any scroll to behave like a [[scroll of random uselessness]].
Scrolls are used up when read.
==List of Scrolls==
*[[Scroll of acquirement]]
*[[Scroll of amnesia]]
*[[Scroll of blinking]]
*[[Scroll of curse armour]]
*[[Scroll of curse jewellery]]
*[[Scroll of curse weapon]]
*[[Scroll of enchant armour]]
*[[Scroll of enchant weapon I]]
*[[Scroll of enchant weapon II]]
*[[Scroll of enchant weapon III]]
*[[Scroll of fear]]
*[[Scroll of fog]]
*[[Scroll of holy word]]
*[[Scroll of identify]]
*[[Scroll of immolation]]
*[[Scroll of magic mapping]]
*[[Scroll of noise]]
*[[Scroll of random uselessness]]
*[[Scroll of recharging]]
*[[Scroll of remove curse]]
*[[Scroll of silence]]
*[[Scroll of summoning]]
*[[Scroll of teleportation]]
*[[Scroll of torment]]
*[[Scroll of vorpalise weapon]]
*[[Scroll of vulnerability]]
*The [[scroll of unholy creation]] was removed in [[0.12]], and the second version of the [[scroll of summoning]] was added to replace it.
*The [[scroll of summoning]] was briefly renamed to the [[scroll of unholy creation]] in [[0.11]].
*The [[scroll of detect curse]] was removed in [[0.11]].
*Prior to [[0.10]], reading scrolls was the only way for a character without magical abilities to gain access to them, allowing you to train [[Spellcasting]].
*The scroll of amnesia was added in version [[0.8]].
*The [[scroll of paper]] was removed in [[0.7]].

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