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===Retired Trolls===
===Retired Trolls===
{{monsterlink|Rock troll}}
{{monsterlink|Rock troll}}- Beefier than a standard troll, but slower as well.
[[Category:Lists of monsters]]
[[Category:Lists of monsters]]

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You feel a lump in the pit of your stomach.

"Buckshank bold and Elfinstone,
And more than I can mention here,
They caused to be built so stout a ship,
And unto Iceland they would steer.

They launched the ship upon the main,
Which bellowed like a wrathful bear;
Down to the bottom the vessel sank,
A laidly Trold has dragged it there."
-George Borrow, _Lavengro_

Trolls are huge, lumbering humanoids found throughout the Dungeon, tearing apart adventurers with their savage claws. Although there are several varieties with unique features, they all boast powerful melee prowess and frustratingly rapid regeneration.

Troll Types

T Troll (monster).png Troll (monster)- A beast with long claws, slavering fangs, and unnatural regeneration. Its hide can be worked into troll leather armour.

T Deep troll.png Deep troll- Cave-dwellers that hunt in packs.

T Deep troll earth mage.png Deep troll earth mage- These geomancers use magic to carve tunnels through the Dungeon and their claws to carve up you.

T Deep troll shaman.png Deep troll shaman- The leaders of deep troll packs, they enhance their allies fighting prowess.

T Iron troll.png Iron troll- The largest, slowest, mostly powerful member of the troll family. Resists fire and cold.

Unique Trolls

T File:Purgy.png Purgy- A lithe troll who hides from his more brutish cousins up in the higher floors of the Dungeon or in the Sewers.

T Snorg.png Snorg- An obese troll who goes berserk on a whim.

Retired Trolls

T Rock troll.png Rock troll- Beefier than a standard troll, but slower as well.