Lom Lobon

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Version 0.13: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Lom Lobon &Lom Lobon.png
HP 360
HD 19
XP 9161
Speed 10
AC 10
EV 20
MR Immune
Attack1 40 (hit: antimagic)

Type of Meat None
Resistances rF+, rC+++,
rElec+++, rPois+,
rN+++, rTorm,
Vulnerabilities Holy, Holy wrath
Habitat Land
Intelligence High
Uses Open doors
Holiness Demonic
Size Large
Type pandemonium lord, pandemonium lord
Flags Fighter
See invisible
Silence immune
Stoic and inscrutable, Lom Lobon is an ancient demon infamous for his mastery of magic. Rumoured to be the most learned being in the halls of Pandemonium, he is at times sought out by mortal wizards who offer their souls in exchange for the secrets of the arcane. Lacking the terrible wrath present in most demons, Lom Lobon's single eye instead hides a cold, impartial cruelty.

Useful Info

Lom Lobon is a unique Pandemonium lord and guardian of the magical rune. It packs some powerful cold and electricity damage spells, the most powerful healing spell in the game, and keeps a number of wizards and blizzard demons on hand to assist him. You can find him on his special Pandemonium floor, which has grey floors and white walls.


Spell set
Slot1 Ice Storm (10d13)
Slot2 Conjure Ball Lightning
Slot3 Major Healing
Slot4 Blink Range
Slot5 Blink Range
Slot6 Ice Storm (10d13)

Tips & Tricks

  • He has some nasty spells, but he's not too resilient. He'll attempt to blink away and cast either Ice Storm or Conjure Ball Lightning when you get too close. Have rC++ at least, preferably rC+++, and definitely rElec before facing him.
  • He is generally easier for melee fighters to deal with, assuming they can keep him in melee range for long enough; his melee attack is crippling for casters, but is negligible to an armoured fighter.
  • If you lack a weapon of holy wrath, antimagic is also very effective against him.


In 0.14 he will have the Glaciate spell instead of Ice Storm and will also have Tornado.