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Version 0.20: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Lugonu altar.png "Spread carnage and corruption!"
Banished to the chaotic realm of the Abyss, Lugonu the Unformed seeks followers to spread bloodshed and corruption in the overworld. Those who gain Lugonu's favour will be granted some of the power of the Abyss itself, allowing them to call forth eldritch horrors, and even to travel between the overworld and the Abyss at will.

Followers of Lugonu gain powers to depart the Abyss at will, to bend space around themselves, and to banish monsters to the Abyss. Later they will be able to corrupt the ordered world, opening a gate for creatures of the Abyss to pass through, and to gate themselves directly into this realm of chaos. Lugonu will eventually offer to corrupt a follower's weapon, imbuing it with the distorting energies of the Abyss, and will protect the follower from the normally harmful effects of unwielding such a weapon. Lugonu expects followers to spread unceasing chaos in the overworld, and as such does not grant piety to worshippers while they remain in the Abyss itself.

Lugonu likes it when you kill living beings, you destroy the undead, you kill demons, you kill holy beings, you banish creatures to the Abyss and you destroy nonliving beings.

Abyssal Knights begin play worshiping Lugonu.


  • Killing or having an ally kill a living, holy, undead, or demonic creature. (67% chance of +1 Piety; higher chance for creatures with high HD, lower as your your experience level rises). You cannot receive piety for killing anything in the Abyss.
  • Banishing any kind of creature (67% chance of +1 Piety; higher chance for creatures with high HD, lower as your your experience level rises).


  • Inactivity: You lose 1 piety every 320 turns or so

Given Abilities

Piety level -: "Abyss-Baptised"

  • You may unwield distortion branded weapons without suffering any of the normal ill effects. (Passive)

Piety level *: "Unweaver"

  • Depart the Abyss - You can immediately leave the Abyss, returning to the point you initially entered the Abyss from. (Costs 1 MP, 150-300 Food, and 10-15 Piety)

Piety level **: "Distorting [Species Name]"

  • Bend Space - You can perform uncontrolled blinks at will, with a chance of causing adjacent monsters to blink as well. All affected targets that fail a coinflip check take damage (Max: 1d6 HP). The chance of affecting adjacent monsters, as well as the damage dealt, increases with Invocations. This blink cannot be controlled in any way, ignores stasis, and can't be blocked by the power of the Abyss. (Costs 1 MP, 50-100 Food, and 1d4 HP)
Invocations Adjacent Monster Blink Chance
<2 0%
3 10%
5 25%
10 47%
15 59%
27 74%

Piety level ***: "Agent of Entropy"

  • Banish - You can zap a beam of banishment, sending a single target to the Abyss. The power of the beam scales with your Invocations skill. You receive XP proportional to the percentage of the monster's max HP you had already inflicted as damage on it: 50 + 50×(Damage/MaxHP) percent. Banished uniques and more powerful monsters will appear while exploring the Abyss. Do not use this on the royal jelly unless you have some means of breaking into the stone vaults in its lair. (Costs 4 MP, 200-400 Food, and 3-4 Piety)

Piety level ****: "Schismatic"

  • Corrupt - You can corrupt the non-Abyss floor you're on, randomly converting the walls and floors of a large area around you to randomly selected other tiles. Altars may become altars to Lugonu. Stairs and portals cannot be changed, and harder walls are more likely to resist. Unnaturally hard walls are immune to this effect. In addition, a pack of abyssal creatures will be summoned, all of them neutral. The higher your Invocations, the higher the amount of monsters. You may only corrupt a floor once. (Costs 7 MP, 5 HP, 500-1000 Food, and 10-14 Piety)

Piety level *****: "Envoy of Void"

  • Gate yourself to the Abyss - You can instantly banish yourself to the Abyss, but at a high price. (Costs a random non-lethal amount of HP, all MP (minimum 9 MP to cast), 500-1000 Food, and 35 Piety)

In addition, Lugonu provides the following:

  • Abyssal Rune Attraction - While in the Abyss, the chance of a placed item resulting in an Abyssal rune is normally 5% in Abyss:3, 10% in Abyss:4, and 23% in Abyss:5. For followers of Lugonu, it is 10% in Abyss:3, 23% in Abyss:4 and 50% in Abyss:5. (Passive)

Piety level ******: "Corrupter of Planes"

  • Corrupt Your Weapon - Once per game, Lugonu will corrupt a weapon of your choice. Corrupting a weapon removes curses, adds 1-3 to its enchantment, and adds the distortion brand. You can corrupt any non-artifact melee weapon as long as it isn't already branded with distortion.


Lugonu does not appreciate abandonment, and will call down fearful punishments on disloyal followers!

Lugonu's ire renders the barrier between reality and the Abyss weak and permeable. Space warps, hurling victims across the dungeon, or even directly into the Abyss; and when that's not enough, Lugonu reaches out and sends minions out from the Abyss to assault the offender directly. Inexperienced adventurers face small abominations and thrashing horrors; veterans fight tentacled starspawn and starcursed masses. Lugonu does not forgive easily, and will not allow ex-worshippers to rejoin the fold while Lugonu's wrath still lasts.

If you leave Lugonu, your penance counter will be increased by 50. Lugonu will not accept you again until your penance counter reaches zero.

While under penance, Lugonu will sometimes punish you with one of the following forms of divine retribution:

A punishment from Lugonu has two independent components:


Worshiping Lugonu offers characters some interesting escape options early on. Bend Space is one of the cheapest means of blinking in the game, and the ability to banish insurmountable obstacles to the Abyss is a useful method of dealing with dangerous monsters.

Altars to Lugonu are mainly found in the Abyss, quite rarely, a corrupted version of the Ecumenical Temple is generated. Part of the dungeon may very rarely be corrupted, either containing an altar of Xom or Lugonu. You can also create your own altars to Lugonu by using the Corrupt ability on a floor with an altar to another god, but this requires you to already be a follower. Because of this, being an Abyssal Knight is the only way to guarantee yourself access to Lugonu in the early game. Alternatively, Miscast Effects for the translocations school can send you to the abyss, if you can take up to 43 damage from failed attempts

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Prior to 0.18, Banish did not benefit from invocations skill above 10.5.

Prior to 0.17, Lugonu gave piety for corpse sacrifices. Also, Corrupt Weapon required the player to find and pray at an altar of Lugonu, instead of being available at any time.

Prior to 0.14, Lugonu followers received no protection from distortion weapon unwielding effects.

Prior to 0.12, Lugonu's wrath would summon demons instead of Abyss natives.

Prior to 0.10, banishing enemies provided no experience, and Lugonu gave no piety for demon kills.

Prior to 0.9, followers of Lugonu had better blinking in the Abyss.

In early versions of Crawl, Lugonu was known as Lucy, but the name was changed to make the god more androgynous.

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