Mace of Brilliance

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
This mace will let you shine some light into the dungeon, and also will make sure enemies are well-warned of your presence. Its light is hated by the undead, and can reveal any machinations of those who try to stay invisible.

Mace of brilliance.png the +5,+5 mace of Brilliance

+5, +5 mace

Holy wrath brand
+5 AC
+5 INT
See invisible
-20 Stealth
3 tile halo aura


The mace of Brilliance is an excellent find early on due to its bonus AC, intelligence, and solid enchantments, and its holy wrath brand will make short work of any undead or demonic opponents encountered in the early- or mid-game. Unfortunately its significant stealth penalties coupled with its halo mean you'll never go unnoticed. Maces are weak base weapons, rendering the mace of Brilliance a mediocre choice for the late game unless you're a caster simply using it to enhance their spells and provide some defense.


This mace's base type was changed to a +1 eveningstar and re-named "Brilliance" in 0.15.