Maxwell's etheric cage

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Version 0.19: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
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A fine mesh cage designed to capture magical energy. Experimental notes suggest research was abandoned when the cage began to capture magical contamination almost as effectively. Perhaps you could wear it on your head?

Maxwell's etheric cage.png the +0 Maxwell's etheric cage

+0 cage (1 base AC)

Increases MP regeneration rate
Increases maximum MP by 4
Doubles all magical contamination while worn
Causes heavy magical contamination when removed


This hat synergizes reasonably well with Guardian spirit, so Vine Stalkers and Demonspawn with the Mana Shield mutation may find this hat beneficial to survivability. Casters without a source of channeling may also find some utility in it. Otherwise, for most characters, an amulet of magic regeneration will provide the same magic regeneration without the nasty effects of contamination.


Prior to version 0.18, Maxwell's Etheric Cage did not double contamination.

Maxwell's etheric cage was introduced in version 0.17.