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Version 0.17: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Might is a status effect that adds +5 to strength and +1d10 to melee damage for its duration.


The possible sources for might are:

Berserk includes a might effect.


The +1d10 damage is rolled separately from the effective enchantment roll (slaying + to-damage of your weapon), but the defender's AC reduction is still only applied to the total damage (i.e. it is not applied separately to the damage from the might effect). This means that as compared to +10 slaying, might gives a more consistent damage bonus that is also very slightly higher on average.

The damage bonus also applies for auxiliary attacks, but not for constriction.

Tips & Tricks

Might is useful for dealing with monsters that are troublesome, but for which berserk or haste would be overkill and/or unsafe - compared to those, might has no real drawbacks, so it's safe to use. Unfortunately, as it is only easily available through a potion, you may find yourself with a very limited number of uses per game.

Short Blades-users should be sure be bring along might before engaging in combat with extremely powerful foes. The extra damage adds up quickly when you're attacking with a quick blade.

Monster Version

Monsters with might get 50% damage bonus, which can be even more powerful than the player version. For this reason, one should exercise extreme caution around monsters which can might themselves or their allies.

The following enemies cast Might:

The following enemies cast Might Other: