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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Spellbook.png Necronomicon
Primary school Necromancy
Rarity 20/20
An extremely rare book, powerful and sinister. Many foolhardy magicians have tried to study this tome, only to find themselves entangled within necromantic forces they could not hope to control.

The Necronomicon is the highest level Necromancy book. Kikubaaqudgha allows you to choose it as your final gift. It can sometimes be found at the end of the Crypt.


Tile Spell Type Level
Haunt.png a - Haunt Necromancy/Summoning 7
Borgnjor's revivification.png b - Borgnjor's Revivification Necromancy 8
Death's door.png c - Death's Door Charms/Necromancy 8
Infestation.png d - Infestation Necromancy 8
Necromutation.png e - Necromutation Necromancy/Transmutation 8


In 0.19, Infestation was added to the book.

Prior to 0.17, reading the Necronomicon required you to either have both level 6 in Spellcasting and level 10 in Necromancy, or to be a follower of Kikubaaqudgha.

As of 0.14, the Necronomicon can sometimes be found at the end of the Crypt.

Prior to 0.12, failing to memorise a spell from this book could produce severe Necromancy miscast effects.