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necrophage nNecrophage.png
HP 17 - 38
HD 5
XP 151
Speed 10
AC 2
EV 10
MR 33
Attack1 8 (hit: rot)

Type of Meat Rot-inducing
Resistances rPois+, rC+, rN+, rTorm, rRot
Vulnerabilities Holy
Habitat land
Intelligence Normal
Uses Weapons & armour
Holiness Undead
Size Medium
Type ghoul, necrophage
Flags Evil
A vile undead creation of the most unholy necromancy, these creatures are made from the decaying corpses of humanoid creatures. They exist to spread disease and decay, and gain power from the decaying corpses of other beings.

Useful Info

Necrophages are grotesque undead that seek out corpses to devour. Their ghastly diet makes their touch extremely unhealthy, with a chance of rotting your max HP with every hit. When they do get a chance to consume the dead, they are fully healed.

Tips & Tricks

  • They're fragile enough that almost anyone can defeat them from a distance with ranged attacks, but if you have to face them in melee a potion of curing can help take care of the rot damage.
  • Followers of Fedhas Madash can simply pray to instantly destroy them.