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NetTiles is a tile-based interface that allows you to play with on unmodified online servers. It was created by Luca Barbieri.

Please note: Nettiles is currently outdated. You are suggested to try Web Tiles instead.

It can be used to play 0.6 online and watch other players and ttyrecs with a tile-based interface (it features seamless charset auto-detection). The interface is a limited version of Tiles, which works like the console version, except for a tile-based dungeon view. Tiles specific interfaces like the minimap, inventory pane and tiled menus are not available.

It works by connecting to the servers with libssh, parsing the terminal data with an embedded version of PuTTY and finally heuristically parsing the screen to produce a tile-based view. It also possible to switch between tile and console view with Ctrl-V.

A note is automatically entered into the game to allow compiling usage statistics.

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