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Version 0.29: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Pandemonium is an infinite realm of pain and suffering. While you can find a good deal of loot there, all these treasures are guarded by demons and even crueller demon lords. Many a hero, confusing confidence with megalomania, has died screaming in the barrage of torment and hellfire.

Pandemonium is endless. Portals there are found abundantly in the deeper parts of the main dungeon. Note that getting back might be more difficult.

No fewer than five runes can be found in Pandemonium:

• a fiery rune in the well-heated realm of Cerebov

• a glowing rune in the contaminated domain of Mnoleg

• a magical rune guarded by the arcane powers of Lom Lobon and his minions

• a dark rune in the shadowy abode of Gloorx Vloq

• a demonic rune, owned by a less famous lord

This gate leads to the endless halls of Pandemonium. Tales about successful lootings of these netherworlds are rare. Even the strongest and most experienced characters can die there. On the other hand, these halls contain several runes and lots of valuable items. It is much easier to get in than to get out.

Pandemonium (or Pan) is an infinite demonic realm, populated by all manner of demons and randomly littered with any kind of treasure imaginable. One of the final branches of the game to explore (and a purely optional one), it contains endless treasure and experience, and five runes of Zot:

Demonic rune 1.pngThe demonic rune, lost somewhere in the endless halls of Pandemonium.

Fiery rune.pngThe fiery rune, guarded by Cerebov.

Glowing rune.pngThe glowing rune, guarded by Mnoleg.

Magical rune.pngThe magical rune, guarded by Lom Lobon.

Dark rune.pngThe dark rune, guarded by Gloorx Vloq.


Like the Abyss, Pandemonium is an infinite space containing endless opponents, and you explore it for as long as you like. However, unlike the Abyss, Pandemonium is comprised of individual, randomly generated realms, rather than an unmappable and limitless plain. Each realm is the size of an ordinary Dungeon floor, can come in a wide variety of layouts, usually contains one Pandemonium lord vault, and may contain a rune of Zot. Further unlike the Abyss, you gain loot, piety, and XP as normal. In fact, the only items guaranteed not to generate here are unrandarts; apart from the sword of Cerebov, no unrand will ever generate in Pandemonium.

You may enter Pandemonium through any Pandemonium entry portal, which generate from Depths:1-4. Depths:2 always has a portal while other Depths floors have a 25% chance to have a Pandemonium entrance[1]. Traveling from one realm of Pandemonium to the next can be accomplished through a transit portal, several of which can be found on each floor. Once you leave a particular realm, you will never be able to return to it again, potentially resulting in the permanent loss of runes of Zot. Exiting Pandemonium can be accomplished through either an exit portal, or by instead entering a portal to the Abyss. Actual exit portals are very rare, but they most commonly show up inside of a Pandemonium lord's vault, and each Pandemonium rune you collect increases the odds of finding an exit. Abyss portals are somewhat more common, but do require you to then escape the Abyss in order to return to the Dungeon. Note that self-banishing via a distortion weapon is not an actual way out: after banishment, using the Abyssal escape portal simply returns you to the Pandemonium realm on which you were banished.

Entry Transit Exit Abyss
Pandemonium entry.png Pandemonium transit.png Pandemonium exit.png Abyss entry.png

Be aware that each time you travel to a new realm in Pandemonium, you will be placed at an entirely random point. There is no guarantee that another portal will be anywhere near where you enter, or that you won't be dumped in the middle of a horde of powerful demons. If your character can buff themselves, it is a good idea to cast them before entering any portal.


Any given realm of Pandemonium is capable of throwing almost any demon above tier-4 at you, but each realm is inhabited by only a fraction of the possible demons you can encounter. You will be encountering tier-1 and -2 demons as a regular occurrence; don't even consider entering Pandemonium unless you are comfortable with this. Also, there are a wide variety of demonspawn opponents here, each of which has a unique type and occupation. Although less of a threat than the most dangerous demons, their abilities can range from aggravating to devastating, and they tend to appear in swarms.

More dangerous than the demonspawn, hell sentinels, and fiends, however, are the Pandemonium lords. These are essentially randomly generated uniques, each of which has its own resistances, attack brand, and spell set. They also tend to generate along with a very large horde of demons appropriate to the floor, making it a frequent occurrence to come across multiple sources of torment, heavy elemental damage, and a powerful unique all at once. Always examine a Pandemonium lord before engaging it in combat, and always act carefully; there's a chance that it'll be a pushover, but it's just as likely to be one of the deadliest opponents in the game.

The Runes

Although players can conceivably acquire unlimited experience and treasure by farming Pandemonium realms endlessly, doing so serves little purpose; it is dangerous enough that most players capable of handling it already have all they need to clear the rest of the game. Searching for potions of mutation or items to open a treasure trove may be rewarding, but bear in mind that there are plenty of sources of bad mutations here as well. The main reason for anyone to enter Pandemonium is to retrieve its five runes of Zot.

The Demonic Rune

While exploring random Pandemonium realms, the demonic rune of Zot will occasionally generate lying on the ground within the vault of a Pandemonium lord. This means you will always have to deal with a powerful horde of demons to get it (or at least to apport it and run). Not all Pandemonium lords will have it in their lair though; there is an 11.1% chance that any normal vault will contain it, and a 100% chance for five particular vaults:

  • Hellion Island - A square of terrain, surrounded by lava, populated by dozens of hellfire-flinging hellions, all led by a single Pandemonium lord. Extremely dangerous: one false move and you receive 5-8 hellfire bursts. Always be wary of lava pools as an indicator of this level.
  • Eyes of Draining - Eight carefully spaced ghost moths, locked away behind grates, will devastate your MP as you deal with a Pandemonium lord and its cohorts. The rune is locked away in a ninth cage in the center.
  • Smiting - A hallway lined with smoke demons, locked away behind grates. These will smite you repeatedly as you deal with the horde inside.
  • Frozen Over - An open area filled with multiple blizzard demons, with an ice statue in the middle sitting on top of the rune. The statue is surrounded by deep water, preventing easy access. Expect heavy cold, electricity, and Airstrike damage.
  • The Shining One's Fortress - see the section below.

Once you have acquired the demonic rune, the rune will never appear again. These five special levels will still show up - so you can find yourself on Hellion Island long after you collected the demonic rune. If you fail to acquire it in a given realm before leaving, however, it will still appear in a future realm. These realms are polite enough to warn you of their rune before leaving.

Unique Realms

Along with the endless random realms of Pandemonium, traveling from realm to realm will eventually bring you to four unique realms, each of which is ruled over by a unique Pandemonium lord. Upon entering one of these, you will receive a message declaring whose realm you've entered. You can only enter each of these realms once per game; once you've left these realms, they are forever lost to you, taking any unclaimed runes with them. As such, it is best to delay entering Pandemonium until you are confident in your ability to take on all four challenges.

In addition to specific messages that appear in a Pandemonium realm with a unique rune, you will be prompted with the following message if you attempt to leave a unique realm before acquiring the rune, further reducing the risk of missing it:

An item of great power still resides in this realm, and once you leave you can never return. Are you sure you want to leave?

It is entirely possible to steal these runes without killing the unique Pandemonium lords which guard them. Clever use of fast movement speed, scrolls of magic mapping, a wand of digging, Shatter, and Apportation can allow you to snag the rune quickly and (relatively) safely. However, be aware that the respective Pandemonium lord will reappear and chase you down on later floors, unless and until it is slain. Similarly, failure to kill a unique Pandemonium lord whose rune you've stolen will add that lord to the list of enemies which may attack you during your ascension.

The Fiery Rune: Cerebov's Realm

Searing heat pours from the floors and walls of this place. The mighty Pandemonium lord Cerebov resides here.

The fiery rune of Zot is guarded by Cerebov, a powerful giant and master of Fire Magic. Its realm is primarily made up of long narrow hallways which intersect with small rectangular chambers, but roughly half of the map will consist of a massive metal fortress. Fully exploring the fortress will reveal several small treasure chambers, and killing Cerebov will reward you with the sword of Cerebov. Max out your fire resistance, and see the Cerebov article for further advice.

The following monsters are found in Cerebov's realm:

4 Orange demon.png Orange demon.

4 Red devil.png Red devil.

R Efreet.png Efreet.

3 Sun demon.png Sun demon.

2 Balrug.png Balrug.

1 Brimstone fiend.png Brimstone fiend.

& Cerebov.png Cerebov.

The Glowing Rune: Mnoleg's Realm

The air here is shimmering with an eerie glow. The mighty Pandemonium lord Mnoleg resides here.

The glowing rune of Zot is guarded by Mnoleg, a chaotic jester who delights in mutating its foes. Mnoleg's realm offers wide hallways and occasional doors, while its vault is made up of several wide diagonally crossing hallways. Apart from the rune, there is no guaranteed treasure to be found here. Breaking line of sight from monsters with Malmutate is difficult due to Cacodemons's Dig spell. Bring potions of mutation to remove any particularly bad mutations and see the Mnoleg article for further advice.

The following monsters are found in Mnoleg's realm:

4 Hellwing.png Hellwing.

u Ugly thing.png Ugly thing.

X Large abomination.png Large abomination.

X Tentacled monstrosity.png Tentacled monstrosity.

4 Chaos spawn.png Chaos spawn.

3 Neqoxec.png Neqoxec.

2 Cacodemon.png Cacodemon.

& Mnoleg.png Mnoleg.

The Magical Rune: Lom Lobon's Realm

You sense a powerful magical presence. It is not pleased. The mighty Pandemonium lord Lom Lobon resides here.

The magical rune of Zot is guarded by Lom Lobon, a powerful archmage demon who can inflict devastating amounts of electricity and cold damage. The realm is made up of crossing vertical and horizontal hallways and small chambers, while the rune vault is a massive green crystal structure, much of which is submerged in deep water. Both Lom Lobon and the rune reside in the large chamber in the center of this structure. Apart from the rune, there is no guaranteed treasure to be found here. Bring some electricity, poison, cold, and willpower, and see the Lom Lobon article for further advice.

The following monsters are found in Lom Lobon's realm:

p Wizard (monster).png Wizard (monster).

e Deep elf annihilator.png Deep elf annihilator.

q Draconian annihilator.png Draconian annihilator.

4 Hellwing.png Hellwing.

R Rakshasa.png Rakshasa.

2 Blizzard demon.png Blizzard demon.

2 Green death.png Green death.

& Lom Lobon.png Lom Lobon.

The Dark Rune: Gloorx Vloq's Realm

Shadowy figures dance across your vision. The mighty Pandemonium lord Gloorx Vloq resides here.

The dark rune of Zot is guarded by Gloorx Vloq, a hooded demon with spectacular speed and access to all manner of devastating Necromancy. The floor is filled with open chambers and wide hallways, while Gloorx Vloq's vault is a large chamber filled with pillars, Executioners, and a back chamber containing the rune. Apart from the rune, there is no guaranteed treasure here. See the Gloorx Vloq article for further advice.

The following monsters are found in Gloorx Vloq's realm:

s Demonic crawler.png Demonic crawler.

W Shadow wraith.png Shadow wraith.

3 Soul eater.png Soul eater.

1 Executioner.png Executioner.

& Gloorx Vloq.png Gloorx Vloq.

The Shining One's Fortress

Agelic Fortress minimap

The tension of great conflict fills the air!

Along with the four unique panlord realms, you may come across this realm in your travels. Populated only with holy opponents, the Shining One's Fortress contains significant amounts of treasure, three exit portals located in a corner far from where you spawn, and the demonic rune of Zot (if you haven't found it yet elsewhere). Undead and demonspawn characters should proceed with extreme caution. The rune can be found in the treasure vault at the center of the fortress, guarded by the seraph and his allies.

The following monsters are found in the Shining One's Fortress:

A Angel.png Angel

A Daeva.png Daeva

A Cherub.png Cherub

G Ophan.png Ophan

Y Apis.png Apis

D Pearl dragon.png Pearl dragon

A Seraph.png Seraph

Mennas & Ignacio

Along with the endless stream of Pandemonium lords, there are also two unique non-boss enemies found here: Mennas the Voice of Zin, and Ignacio the executioner of Makhleb. Mennas is a fast and competent holy melee fighter who has a tendency to silence everything around him (except for the resident demons, of course). Ignacio, meanwhile, is even faster and carries a well-enchanted executioner's axe of pain. Either can very rarely be found wandering any of the realms of Pandemonium. If you encounter one and fail to kill them, they may still show up in later realms.

A Mennas.png Mennas

1 Ignacio.png Ignacio


Due to the very diverse monster set you will face in Pandemonium, you should try to be ready for a little bit of everything before entering. The more powerful you are in every field, the better your chance of survival. That being said, it is strongly recommended you bring at least the following:

Of course, you don't necessarily have to gather all five runes in a single trip. Leaving Pandemonium and then returning after you've resupplied or levelled up has no punishment, and any of the preset realms you have not yet visited will still be waiting for you when you return. Just be aware that you do not get to choose when you find any given preset realm, or even an exit.


  • Prior to 0.27, you would not recieve a warning upon entering the realm guaranteed to spawn the demonic rune.
  • Prior to 0.21, the rate at which unique pandemonium floors appeared was lower.
  • Prior to 0.18, Pan did occasionally offer a Ziggurat to conquer, but no more.
  • Prior to 0.17, Pandemonium didn't spawn primarily tier 3 and above demons.
  • Prior to 0.16, Mennas could not be found in Pandemonium.
  • Prior to 0.14, Pandemonium runes carried did not increase your odds of finding an exit. Pandemonium did not feature a set of demonspawn monsters.
  • Prior to 0.10, self-banishing via a distortion weapon was an effective way to escape, equivalent to using a portal to the Abyss.
  • Prior to 0.9, there were infinite demonic runes of Zot. The record for most collected came in at over 250.
  • Prior to 0.7, scrolls of magic mapping and Lugonu's Gate yourself to the Abyss ability were both disabled in Pandemonium.
  • Prior to 0.6, you received no warning message upon entering the realm of a unique Pandemonium lord.