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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
pandemonium lord &Pandemonium lord.png
HP 115-342
HD 18
XP 6748
Speed 10 - 18
AC 16
EV 15
MR 120
Attack1 20-60 (hit: Randomly branded)

Type of Meat None
Resistances rPois+, rRot, rTorm,
rN+, Random
Vulnerabilities Holy, Random
Habitat land
Intelligence Human
Uses Open doors
Holiness Demonic
Size Large
Type pandemonium demon, pandemonium demon
Flags Fighter
See invisible
A formidable demon lord inhabiting the endless halls of Pandemonium. Each one is different, with its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Useful Info

Pandemonium lords are powerful semi-random demons that rule over Pandemonium, slaughtering any who invade their realm and chasing after you in the Dungeon once you've acquired the Orb of Zot. While they all have a few things in common (see invisible, negative energy immunity, brutal spell lists, branded attacks), they are generally very unpredictable; Pan lords have randomly generated names and appearances, random defenses, 10-18 speed, random resistances and immunities, random melee brands (including Chaos and Distortion), and potentially nasty spell lists.

When found in Pandemonium, there is usually one Pan lord per floor. They may be wandering the floor or hiding in a randomly placed vault. Depending on which vault you find, there is either an 11.1% or 100% chance of there being a demonic rune inside (assuming you don't already have one). Pan lords will spawn during your ascent with the Orb, making it entirely possible to run into two or more on a single floor.


Pan lords are semi-randomly generated, but their potential properties, while complex, can be enumerated:[1]

Base properties

  • HP: 100 + 3d50 (103-250)
    • Non-casters get 50% more HP.
  • Total defense (AC + EV): 10-49
    • AC: 1-45
    • EV: 1-45
      • Pan lord AC/EV tend to be weighted towards one or the other.
      • Non-casters get +5 AC and +5 EV.
  • HD: 10 + 2d10 (12-30)
    • Non-casters get +5 HD.
  • Speed:
    • Non-casters: 11 + 2d4 (13-19)
    • Casters: 33% chance of being speed 10, otherwise 8+2d5 (10-18)
  • Melee damage: one attack, with a maximum damage of 20 + 2d20 (22-60).
    • Non-casters get +10 damage.
  • Melee brand: 33% chance of a brand (not holy wrath or reaching).
    • Non-casters always get a melee brand.

Resistances and Intrinsics

  • Flight: 2/3 chance.
  • Fire and cold resistance:
    • 10% chance of being vulnerable (rF- / rC-)
    • 30% chance of having no resistance
    • 30% chance of having one level of the resistance (rF+ / rC+)
    • 20% chance of having two levels of the resistance (rF++ / rC++)
    • 10% chance of being immune (rF+++ / rC+++)
  • Electricity resistance: 60% chance of having a single level of electricity resistance and 10% chance of being immune to electricity.
  • Always have the standard demonic resistances (poison, negative energy, torment) and see invisible.


Pan lords have a 75% chance of being spellcasters. Non-casters gain some bonuses to defenses, melee and speed, as seen above. Pan lords who are spellcasters are given spells from fixed lists.

Obviously, this produces widely varied spell lists. In theory, it could range from a demon possessing only Summon Butterflies to a monstrosity with Fire Storm, Lehudib's Crystal Spear, Haste, Drain Magic, and Summon Greater Demon.


There are four unique, fixed Pan lords: Mnoleg, Lom Lobon, Cerebov, and Gloorx Vloq, respectively guarding the glowing, magical, fiery, and dark runes. Only Cerebov has loot. The game will alert you when you enter the realm of one of these lords; you can check the milestones by pressing ?: keys to see which lord's realm you have entered.

Be careful: if you leave the level before getting the rune (except through banishment), you will not be able to get the rune that game, and thus cannot do an all-rune ascension.

Should you pick up the rune on a unique Pan lord's level without killing them, they will randomly spawn on all subsequent Pan levels until you do kill them.

Tips & Tricks

  • Killing them quickly is entirely appropriate, especially when facing multiple lords at once. Since you have no idea what kind of spells they'll be casting, assume the worst. Haste, Summon Greater Demon and the most powerful Conjurations you know are entirely in order.
  • Maxed out fire and cold resistance help take some of the sting out of their storm spells, but not much. Torment resistance is also highly recommended, but you'll probably have that by this point. More unusually, be prepared to wipe out their packs of eye-type monsters as quickly as possible: getting paralyzed by floating eyes, having your MP reduced to 0 by eyes of draining, and being mutated by shining eyes is a miserable, and usually lethal, experience that you can't really defend against except through overwhelming offense.


  • Prior to 0.21, Pan lords could cast Shatter.
  • Prior to 0.18, Pan lords had more spells on average, but some of those spells were weaker (e.g. Throw Icicle or Throw Flame). Also, non-caster Pan lords didn't have offense and defense bonuses.
  • Prior to 0.14, Pan lords could not get Quicksilver Bolt instead of IMB in their second slot, and could not get Orb of Electricity in their first slot. Also, the proportion of non-casters was 1/3 instead of 1/4, and not all Pan lords could see invisible.
  • Prior to 0.9, demonic runes would continue to spawn even if you already had one, allowing for truly ridiculous high scores.


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