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In [[0.19]], the impact damage was significantly reduced.
In [[0.19]], the impact damage was significantly reduced.
Prior to [[0.14]], all elemental evokers recharged simultaneously.
Prior to [[0.14]], all [[Evocable items#elementalevokers|elemental evokers]] recharged simultaneously.
This item was added in [[0.13]].
This item was added in [[0.13]].

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Version 0.18: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Miscellaneous item
Name phial of floods
Icon Phial of floods.png
An enchanted vessel brimming over with elemental water. Removing the stopper unleashes a torrent of water from the phial and sets free the water spirits that dwell within it.

Once released, the spirits within this device will dissipate, leaving it inert, though new ones may be attracted as its bearer battles through the dungeon and grows in power and wisdom.

A phial of floods is an evocable item which releases a torrent of water with an effect similar to Primal Wave: an aimed beam of water will damage and potentially knock back your target, and the endpoint of the spell will be covered in a temporary pool of shallow water with up to 3 friendly water elementals in it. Your Evocations skill will increase the duration of this water, as well as the likelihood of getting more elementals.

Like the other 3 elemental evokers (fan of gales, lamp of fire, and stone of tremors), the phial of floods expends itself after one use and can be recharged only by gaining experience while it is in the player's possession.

Carrying multiple phials is no more useful than carrying one, since evoking one causes all phials, both carried and stashed, to become temporarily inert.


This is generally considered the best of the elemental evocable items. The shallow water gets in the way of enemies, the beam deals damage and the water elementals are tough allies to have.

Phials of floods can be useful for preventing Sticky Flame from affecting you. Fire at the floor one space in front of you (select the tile with .) to immediately drop yourself in shallow water, rendering you immune to the fire damage over time portion of the spell. (Note that this can be counter-productive if you are casting Sticky Flame: your target will cease to take fire damage the first time your water elemental successfully attacks.)

Water elementals make an excellent counter to dangerous spellcasters, as their engulfing attacks will effectively silence enemies that need to breathe.


In 0.19, the impact damage was significantly reduced.

Prior to 0.14, all elemental evokers recharged simultaneously.

This item was added in 0.13.