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Version 0.22: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
The apparition of an unfortunate adventurer.

A player ghost is generated when your character dies, unless at Dungeon level 1 or 2, in the Ecumenical Temple, the Abyss, a Wizard Laboratory, or Desolation of Salt[1].

All player ghosts spawn locked inside ghost vaults, which can only appear in the following branches:[2]

Each of these floors has a 10% chance to spawn a ghost vault, which consists of one or more player ghosts, from a player that previously died on that floor and possibly other monsters defined by that specific vault. These ghost vaults often contain loot, dependent on how far into the dungeon the vault generates and the difficulty of the vault's monsters. The monsters and loot are always found behind either a transporter or runed door, and are visible through transparent walls in the side of the vault, so the player can make an informed decision about when they wish to tackle the vault.

Ghost Properties

When your ghost is created, its stats are defined as follows:

  • Its max HP, AC and EV are equal to yours when you died.
  • Its number of hit dice is equal to your experience level.
  • Its cold, fire and electricity resistances are equal to yours when you died.
  • It becomes undead, gaining immunity to poison, negative energy and torment and vulnerability to holy attacks and Dispel Undead.
  • It becomes insubstantial, gaining immunity to constriction and sticky flame.
  • If you were able to see invisible, so can the ghost.
  • Its base speed is equal to 10, regardless of the species you were playing.
  • Its damage is determined by the weapon you were wielding and your skill levels:
    • If you had a weapon in hand, the base damage is equal to the weapon's base damage, increased by 4% per skill level you had for this weapon. In addition, the attacks will have the weapon's brand (unless you were wielding a chaos weapon, in which case no brand will be used).
    • If you had no weapon in hand, the base damage is 4 plus your Unarmed Combat skill, plus your experience level if you were a Troll.
    • This base damage is then increased by 3.3% per Fighting skill, then increased by 0.25 times your Strength. Total base damage is capped at 50.
  • If you knew spells, the ghost will be able to cast some of your spells as per the algorithm below.

The experience level of a ghost is indicated in their description with one of the following adjectives:

Ghost description Experience level
weakling 1 to 3
amateur 4 to 6
novice 7 to 10
journeyman 11 to 15
adept 16 to 21
veteran 22 to 25
master 26
legendary 27

Spell Selection

Player ghosts copy spells from the player if there exists a monster version of the spell, and the spell isn't flagged as a non-ghost spell. Then the chance of it picking a spell is given by (50-[failure percentage])^2/2500. For example, a spell with a 20% fail rate is [50 - 20]^2/2500, which is 900/2500 or a 36% chance of being added to your ghost, and a spell with a 0% fail rate will always be added. Spells above 50% fail cannot be added. Player ghosts can learn any number of spells in this way.

Additionally some spells change slightly when learned by player ghosts: Controlled Blink will change to Blink, Dragon's Call will change to Summon Dragon, and Swiftness will change to Sprint.

Ghost Selection

  • When a ghost vault is generated, up to five ghosts are placed (depending on the vault). These ghosts are selected as follows:
    • If there is an available ghost file for that floor, from a previous death on the same installation (offline) or the same online server, use that ghost file. If the player subsequently kills this ghost, the ghost file is deleted.
    • Otherwise, if there is a ghost file available for that branch in the "permastore", use that ghost file. The permastore consists of a number of generic ghosts that were initially taken from deaths on some online servers in 0.22—ghosts generated from the permastore always have randomly generated names. The permastore stores ghosts by branch, not by floor.
    • In extremely rare cases, if no ghost is available from the ghost files for that floor or permastore for that branch, use a clone of the player with the properties described in the above Ghost Properties section. If this happens, the ghost's description will include the text, "It looks just like you. Spooky...".
  • Ghost vaults don't spawn on floor-wide "encompass" vaults.

Tips & Tricks

Ghost vaults and the player ghosts within them can be extremely dangerous, often on a par with the most dangerous uniques for the dungeon depth. There are a number of strategies for dealing with them:

  • First and foremost, don't open the runed door/enter the transporter of a ghost vault until you are ready to fight the ghost(s) and other enemies in the vault. Once you open the door, you will have to deal with the ghost, since, like any other normal monster, they can follow you through stairs.
  • You can examine the ghost to get its species, class, HP, defenses, resistances, damage, weapon brand and spells before you enter the vault. This will help you decide how difficult the ghost will be to fight, and to weigh up when it is safe to enter the vault.
  • You can always come back to a ghost vault later in the game to retrieve the loot when you have much better HP, equipment and damage.
  • If you have it, Dispel Undead will make short work of ghosts, bypassing their defenses entirely. This can be particularly useful against later ghosts, who will often have much higher defenses than most monsters. Some ghost vaults are also themed around undead; the other enemies in these vaults can also be made significantly easier with this spell.
  • Look at the loot in the vault to see whether it could be worth it to use a consumable or two to fight the ghost vault. If there's a scroll of acquirement or artefact weapon or armour that you really want in it, it could be worth it to enter the ghost vault prematurely and use a few consumables to fight it. If, on the other hand, there's just a few stones and useless items in the vault, it's a lot less likely to be worth entering anytime soon.
  • You can check the morgue of the dead character if you wish to see exactly spells/abilities/defenses a ghost has. On local games, just search through your /morgue folder to find it; on public servers, you can usually use one of the IRC bots to find the morgue.
  • If you're worshipping Xom, be very careful around ghost vaults with runed doors, as Xom is likely to open them if you approach them, letting the ghost out. Use the exclusion tool if you need to.

Ghost vaults

A variety of different ghost vaults exist, which can be found in the ghost.des file of the source ([1]). A brief overview of these vaults is given below.

  • gammafunk_ghost_grave: The most basic ghost vault, consisting of just a player ghost, a gravestone and 1-3 loot items.
  • gammafunk_ghost_split: A square vault consisting of a player ghost and several monsters, including at least one very dangerous monster.
  • gammafunk_ghost_arena: A transporter vault with a player ghost and several monsters including some dangerous monsters.
  • gammafunk_ghost_cemetery: A vault with several dead trees and tombstones, themed around a cemetery. It has at least 2 player ghosts, with a chance to spawn up to 5.
  • ebering_ghost_inner_flame: A player ghost guarding a scroll of immolation, shrouded in black smoke and clearly the sight of an explosion.
  • ebering_ghost_gozag: A player ghost and possibly some other dangerous monsters, as well as an obsidian statue, which guard an altar to Gozag, piles of gold and possibly a shop.
  • ebering_ghost_rock_garden: A player ghost on its own, with piles of stones and large rocks, and possibly some useless items, as well as a small amount of loot.
  • ebering_ghost_reflecting_pool: A player ghost at the end of a pool of shallow water and some pebbled floor.
  • hellmonk_ghost_happy_afterlife: A player ghost on green grass with trees and plants, with food and potions as loot.
  • ebering_ghost_disaster_area: A player ghost in an area of unstable ground, with water and lava.
  • gammafunk_ghost_necromancy: A player ghost and many derived undead, scaling with depth from zombies and skeletons in the early dungeon to spectral things and simulacra later. The undead created are specific to the branch.
  • gammafunk_ghost_spectres: A player ghost and many standard undead, ranging from wraiths and shadows to phantasmal warriors to curse skulls in Crypt. (Dungeon and Crypt only)
  • gammafunk_ghost_ooze: A player ghost accompanying many slime creatures and death oozes, and an altar to Jiyva. (Dungeon, Lair and Depths only)
  • gammafunk_ghost_mausoleum: A variety of evil, standard undead and derived undead alongside a player ghost in a transporter vault.
  • gammafunk_ghost_hydra_chop: A player ghost and several hydras with between 9 and 16 heads, guarding a weapon that cuts hydra heads among other loot. (Dungeon, Lair and Swamp only)
  • gammafunk_ghost_fury_of_okawaru: A ghost vault themed around Okawaru's wrath, with several strong melee and ranged opponents, guarding a cursed weapon, a bad randart robe, and a weapon and armour gift from Okawaru. (Dungeon, Orc, Elf and Crypt only)
  • muffindrake_ghost_dual_entry: A ghost vault with some strong zombies and other undead, and a final lich or ancient lich. (Dungeon and Depths only)
  • muffindrake_ghost_three_little_ghosts: Three ghosts in three successive rooms, with increasingly threatening Depths enemies and increasing loot in each room. (Depths only)
  • muffindrake_ghost_dead_mans_drink: A ghost vault with several strong derived undead. (Depths only)
  • biasface_ghost_demon_polymorph: A player ghost, a couple of strong tier-2 demons and a tier 1 demon guarding some good loot. (Depths only)
  • ebering_ghost_funeral_grove: A tree-lined ghost vault with various spriggans and a bear, and a chance to be themed as death or autumn. (Dungeon, Lair and Swamp only)
  • biasface_ghost_orc_armoury: An orc band dependent on depth, guarding a variety of different types of armour. (Dungeon and Orc only)
  • gammafunk_ghost_icy: A variety of cold-themed enemies guarding a ring of fire (possibly artefact) among other loot. Later in the dungeon this has an ice dragon or blizzard demon. (Dungeon, Lair and Depths only)
  • maelrawn_ghost_gauntlet_escape: A player ghost, some branch themed monsters and a minotaur, outside an empty portal to a Gauntlet. (Dungeon, Lair and Orc only)
  • ebering_ghost_xom: A player ghost, an altar to Xom and a dancing weapon created by Xom (usually chaos or distortion branded).
  • ebering_ghost_sewer_f and ebering_ghost_sewer_d: A group of sewer-themed enemies guarding a player ghost and an expired Sewer portal. (Early Dungeon only)
  • ploomutoo_gammafunk_ghost_potion_laboratory: This ghost vault consists of two sections: the first has a variety of mutated enemies (like ugly things), the second has a player ghost, some more mutated and mutation-causing enemies, and mutagenic fog, which guard a selection of potions. (Dungeon, Elf and Depths only)
  • ebering_ghost_davey_jones: A ghost vault themed around Shoals, with a kraken, a mermaid statue and a ring that has a chance to be a ring of the Octopus King. (Shoals only)
  • gammafunk_ghost_stat_death: A transporter vault with quasits and neqoxecs designed to steal your intelligence and dexterity, guarding rings of those stat. (Dungeon and Orc only)
  • gammafunk_ghost_smash: Giant sized monsters, one of which has a fancy weapon, guarding a range of great maces and giant clubs. (Dungeon and Orc only)
  • gammafunk_ghost_nasty_kobolds: A player ghost and some kobolds carrying wands and wielding nasty branded short blades or whips (including at least one distortion branded). (Dungeon only)
  • gammafunk_ghost_hive: A transporter vault with a ghost and a swarm of bees, surrounded by wax walls. (Dungeon and Lair only).


  • Prior to 0.22, ghost vaults did not exist and player ghosts spawned unenclosed on floors, with a 33% chance to spawn a ghost on any floor with an available ghost file. This made ghosts much more common in the early dungeon and Lair than anywhere else, since most players die and so most ghost files were created in the early part of the game. Additionally, they could not use stairs. No "permastore" of ghosts with random names existed, which meant that if no ghost files were available, no ghosts would generate. (This was most commonly the case on a fresh install of the offline game.)
  • Prior to 0.21, player ghosts' speed was affected by the player's species, and ghosts could wield chaos weapons.
  • Prior to 0.17, deep dwarf player ghosts now regenerate normally.