Plutonium sword

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Version 0.13: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A triple sword made of weird glowing metal. You wonder whether it grew its two side blades due to its radiation, and whether you'll grow two extra heads as well.

Plutonium sword.png the +12,+16 plutonium sword

+12, +16 triple sword

Inflicts Transmutations miscast effects on enemies on 1/5 of strikes
Causes heavy magic contamination when unwielded
-20 stealth


A difficult weapon to use safely, the plutonium sword combines extremely brutal damage output with occasionally awesome miscast effects (irresistible damage, polymorph, confusion, petrification) and a nasty magic contamination dose every time you unwield the thing. While it's hard to pass up its staggering damage output, be prepared for harmless monsters to occasionally polymorph into something deadly mid-fight, and make sure you have a few scrolls of vulnerability on hand before unwielding it; each scroll you read will reduce your contamination by a small but significant amount.


Prior to 0.12, this sword would contaminate you lightly every turn you spent wielding it. Combined with it freshly cursing itself every time you equipped it and the fact that it did not inflict Transmutation miscast effects, this made it extremely hazardous and much less desirable to use.