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{{crawlquote|''You feel clever.''}}
{{crawlquote|''You feel clever.''}}
In [[0.13]] this potion will be replaced with the [[potion of beneficial mutation]].

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Type Potion
Name Potion of gain intelligence
Icon Potion of gain intelligence.png
A potion of beneficial mutation.

The potion of gain intelligence bestows one level of the Improved Attributes mutation, which gives your character +1 Intelligence (cumulative up to +14 points). Hard to find, and useful for spellcasters or characters dangerously low on intelligence.

The mutation can be removed by the normal means (eg, a potion of cure mutation, Zin's Cure All Mutations ability). Unlike other sources of mutations, the potion isn't hindered by an amulet of resist mutation (but is by the Mutation Resistance mutation). Use of this potion does not offend Zin.

You feel clever.


In 0.13 this potion will be replaced with the potion of beneficial mutation.