Potion of levitation

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Type Potion
Name Potion of Levitation
Icon Potion of levitation.png
A potion which confers great buoyancy on one who consumes it.

Quaffing a potion of levitation causes your character to levitate above the ground for 1d40 + 24 (more) turns, up to 100.

Levitation allows you to pass over deep water or lava, to safely cross non-magical traps, and to carry 1000 additional aum, but prevents you from picking up items or moving down stairs. When coupled with the spell "Swiftness", it increases your movement speed. With an amulet of controlled flight (which eventually auto-identifies in the process), you can fly instead, which grants the advantages of levitations without drawbacks.

You are warned about a loss in buoyancy when the potion's effects are nearly over, giving you time to steer clear of lava.

"You feel very buoyant. You gently float upwards from the floor."
"You feel more buoyant."