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Ranged weapons refer both to missiles and their launchers - basically, any weapon used to attack from a distance instead of in melee.

Thrown-Only Weapons

These require no launcher, although some are more effective with one. They are governed by the Throwing skill.

  • Stone - A common item found in piles in the dungeon.
  • Large rock - A boulder-sized stone, very heavy. Ogre and troll hunters begin with a small supply of them, and they may also be carried by very large enemies such as cyclops or stone giants; otherwise they are uncommon. When thrown, they occasionally shatter into piles of stones.
  • Javelin - A lethally sharp kind of spear built for throwing. Some hunters begin with them. Occasionally found in the dungeon, but not common. They may have any of several brands: poisoned or returning javelins are obviously useful. Javelins are fairly heavy, especially when steel.
  • Dart - A small pointy weapon that is thrown by hand. Popular with kobolds, who often have branded versions. Also available from traps.
  • Throwing net - These do no damage, but immobilize a creature until they break free. The net will be damaged or destroyed as the victim escapes. Occasionally found in the dungeon, and Gladiators begin with them.

Throwable Melee Weapons

These melee weapons can also be thrown, with no launcher needed. Unlike thrown-only weapons and ammunition, these do not "stack" in your inventory; each weapon always takes a separate slot. However, they also never mulch. If a monster starts with several hand axes or spears, they will all have the same enchantment, or lack thereof.

  • Dagger - Can be thrown for respectable damage, and a plentiful supply can be obtained from killed monsters, as it is a common weapon.
  • Hand axe - Easy to find from killed monsters. Some enemies carry several; if these are enchanted, they will all be the same.
  • Spear - Like the hand axe, some enemies have several of them (which may be enchanted, all alike).
  • Club - Popular with early goblins and hobgoblins.


A launcher is a weapon which can fire matching ammunition when wielded, often doing more damage than thrown weapons.

  • Sling - The simplest and most common launcher, it can throw stones or more powerful sling bullets, a specially-made ammunition for the sling. Most low level humanoid monsters can use slings. They are governed by the Slings skill.
  • Blowgun - A hollow tube used to fire poisoned needles of various types. It is a preferred weapon of kobolds. The needles come in several types with various effects, but most are simply poisoned. Monsters can resist needle effects, and needles do no other damage: the enchantment of the launcher increases accuracy and efficacy of needles. They are governed by the Throwing skill.
  • Bow/Longbow - A preferred weapon of centaurs, who can do heavy damage with them. Inaccurate but fast. They fire arrows. They are governed by the Bows skill.
  • Crossbow - Fairly rare in the early game, these are slower but more accurate and damaging than bows. Yaktaurs use them to great effect, as well as the occasional kobold. They are governed by the crossbows skill.


Ammunition comes in a bewildering variety. Stones, large rocks, and nets are never branded, but other ammo (including darts and javelins) can have both a racial type and a brand. Ammo brands include silver and steel, which provide various benefits at the cost of increased weight.

General Notes

  • Darts, hand axes, spears, arrows, bolts, needles, and throwing nets can be harvested in small numbers from dungeon traps. All trap ammo is "vanilla": +0 and unbranded.
  • Thrown-only missiles and ammunition will stack in your inventory, even merging unidentified items into an identified (but otherwise matching) stack.
  • Missiles and launchers can carry a variety of brands, such as flame or poisoned. If both your launcher and your ammo have brands, the brand of the ammo will usually be used. However, in some situations the brand will not be implemented. For example, frost arrows used in a bow of flame will cancel out, and neither brand will be used. Stones, large rocks, and nets are never found branded. The exceptions to this rule are launchers with the velocity or speed brands, which will stack with ammo brands.

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