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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Comestible
Name ration
Icon Ration.png
Something for everyone: A filling meal of preserved meats, fruits, cheese, and stale, but hearty, bread.

"It is further reported that in the provinces [Caesar] gave banquets constantly in two dining halls, in one of which his officers or Greek companions, in the other the Roman civilians and the more distinguished of the provincials reclined at table. He was so punctilious and strict in the management of his household, in small matters as well as in those of great importance, that he put his baker in irons for serving him with one kind of bread and his guests with another..."
-Suetonius, _De Vita Caesarium, Divus Iulius_. 110 CE.

Rations are the source of permafood in Crawl; they do not rot away over time, and can be eaten by all races except vampires and mummies. They restore 3,400 nutrition for most species, less for carnivores and herbivores since these races only eat part of the ration.

All species except vampires and mummies start with a ration in their inventory.

Rations are displayed by randomised food tiles on the floor, ranging from bread and meat to different types of fruit and pizza.


Fedhas uses two rations for some of his abilities, therefore worshippers of Fedhas should be careful not to waste rations.

Most characters will have no problem with running out of rations. Worshippers of Gozag are likely to run out at some point since he turns all corpses to gold, at which point they should call a food shop to replenish their supply of rations. Characters which are casting high-level spells very frequently may run low on food if they don't have sufficient intelligence and spellcasting skill to negate spell hunger, and should be particularly careful of over-using these spells in areas with few edible corpses, such as the Snake Pit, the Spider's Nest and the Swamp.

Spriggans should be especially careful with over-using higher level spells, since they cannot eat chunks at all. In this case it may become necessary to acquire food or purchase from food shops to avoid starvation.


Normal species: 3,400

Carnivores: 1,900

Herbivores: 1,300


Prior to 0.21, there were four different types of permafood: bread, meat, royal jellies and fruit, which gave different amounts of satiation and were differentiated based on herbivore/carnivore mutations.