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Version 0.19: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
This page is about the spell. For species' innate recuperation, see healing.


Regeneration is a level 3 Charms/Necromancy spell which temporarily boosts caster's health regeneration.


While active your HP regeneration rate is increased by 100[1]. This effects lasts for 5 + 2d(<power> / 3 + 1)[2] turns.

For most characters, this means they will gain an additional 1 HP per turn, though this is affected by things such as the Slow Healing mutation (see regeneration rate for details). This effect can more than triple the speed at which you naturally heal, although it's more pronounced for low-level characters. This helps you recover between battles quickly, but don't expect it to make you invincible during combat; it only marginally increases your chance of survival in most dangerous encounters.

Also, characters under the effect of Regeneration will recover from sickness much faster. The increased recovery rate also helps counteract poison damage, making it much easier to simply wait out. As such, Regeneration can help you conserve potions of curing and lessens the need for poison resistance.

Be aware that Regeneration stacks with items that grant similar effects, such as an amulet of regeneration, troll leather armour, or being a troll. As with these items, while Regeneration is active and your HP is below maximum, there is an additional hunger cost on par with wearing a ring of hunger. The effect doesn't stack with Trog's Hand.

Characters who worship good gods will probably want to avoid Regeneration, as the spell qualifies as Necromancy and will upset them. Also, mummies, deep dwarves and characters in lichform cannot use this spell. Vampires can, but the duration and benefit of the spell is dependent on their current satiation level.


Prior to 0.10, ghouls were unable to learn Regeneration.

Prior to 0.6, the spell increased hunger rate even when at full HP.