Repel Missiles

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Repel missiles.png Repel Missiles
Level 2
School1 Charms
School2 Air
Casting noise 1
Spell noise 0
This spell reduces the chance of projectile attacks striking the caster. Even powerful attacks such as lightning bolts or dragon breath are affected, although smaller missiles are repelled to a much greater extent.

Repel Missiles is a level 2 Charms/Air Magic spell which moderately protects the caster from ranged attacks, reducing a missile's to-hit by 0% to 50% of its original value if it is a bolt, or by 0% to 100% if it is a single-target beam. This reduction is done after your shield blocking value has been rolled, so this spell only improves your ability to dodge missiles, not your ability to block them. Increased spell power lengthens the duration of the spell, but does not improve the spell's chance of repelling attacks.


This spell appears in several starter spell books. Although it's inferior to Deflect Missiles, it's still much better than nothing, especially in the early Dungeon when Deflect Missiles isn't available and you might encounter centaurs (who have made pincushions of many a low-level player). It's also easier to cast, making it useful for hybrid-style casters who might not be ready for Deflect Missiles yet. Knowing one of the two spells is almost mandatory for the Shoals, Elven Halls, and other areas infested with enemies who love to shoot at you. Note that it does not work on trap missiles, at least not when you're disarming them!