Repel Missiles

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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Reduces the chance of projectile attacks striking the caster, making them easier to dodge. Single-target attacks are much easier to repel than penetrating attacks.

Repel Missiles (RMsl, repulsion) is a passive effect and monster-only spell which causes ranged attacks to miss the caster.


Repel Missiles reduces the to-hit of ranged attacks against the caster to a random value between:

  • vs single-target beams: 0% - 100% of its normal value
  • vs penetrating bolts: 50% - 100% of its normal value[1]

This spell only helps to evade ranged attacks; it has no effect on the caster's ability to block them.

Player sources

Though the Repel Missiles spell is no longer available for players, several other sources exist for players to receive the effect:

  • Scarves of repulsion provide the effect while worn.
  • Worshipers of Qazlal will eventually acquire a permanent Repel Missiles effect, as long as they maintain enough piety.
  • Demonspawn with the Repulsion Field mutation will eventually develop a permanent repel missiles effect.
  • The Amulet of the Air is an unrandart amulet that produces a permanent repel missiles effect.

Monster Version

The following enemies cast Repel Missiles:

Unlike the player version, the monster version can be dispelled.

Monsters with Repel Missiles will start with the status permanently active, meaning they never have to cast the spell unless the status is dispelled.


Repel Missiles is effective at blocking ranged attacks, from centaurs and fauns with ranged weapons to bolt spells and crystal spears. AC can't block special effects, like Stunning Burst paralysis and Throw Klown Pie, but these spells can be repelled or dodged. It's great in the Shoals, the Elven Halls, the Vaults, and other areas infested with enemies who love to shoot at you.

Monsters with Repel Missiles are few and far between. As you would expect, trying to hit them with a ranged attack will be quite difficult. They are still vulnerable to Hexes and hex wands, though most users have a high willpower to counteract that. And of course, things that don't miss -- like Borgnjor's Vile Clutch, Fireball, and lightning rods -- are unaffected.

Yara's Violent Unravelling or a wand of quicksilver can be used to dispel a monster's Repel Missiles.


Repel missiles.png Repel Missiles
Level 2
School1 Air
School2 Charms
Source(s) Book of Air
Book of Minor Magic
Casting noise 1
Spell noise 0

  • In 0.32, Repel Missiles will apply a flat +15 EV bonus against missiles and have full effect against penetrating beams. Also, RMsl will give the bonus even to incapacitated targets.
  • Prior to 0.25, a more advanced version of Repel Missiles called Deflect Missiles existed. Monsters with DMsl instead got Repel Missiles.
  • Prior to 0.20, Repel Missiles was a level 2 Air/Charms spell available to players; it expired as it helped dodge projectiles. However, other sources still exist.
  • Prior to 0.14, the Repel Missiles status expired based on a timer.


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