Sceptre of Torment

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Version 0.19: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
An accursed golden sceptre, created by some unknown hellish power. It frequently causes agonising pain in all those unfortunate enough to gaze upon it.

Sceptre of torment.png a Sceptre of Torment

+7 staff

Forces Symbol of Torment

The effect triggers on 50% of attacks and 0.5% of turns that it is wielded.


The sceptre of Torment is a poor base weapon with a decent enchantment value and an absolutely staggering special ability - it passively inflicts torment on everything in your line of sight (including you). This occurs most often while attacking with the sceptre, but also occasionally kicks in as you explore. When facing anything that isn't torment immune, this is an extremely effective weapon for quickly cutting everything on-screen down to size, though only if you happen to be undead, lichform, or torment resistant yourself. The living will take enough self-damage wielding this that they'd be placing themselves in serious danger every fight (though rN+++ followers of Kiku, gargoyles, and Statue Form-users might be able to trim the damage down enough to make it tempting). For torment-immune enemies, it's a very poor weapon choice, so bring a backup for demons and the undead.


In 0.17, the Sceptre of Torment became a staff instead of a mace.

Prior to 0.15, the Sceptre of Torment was a +7, +6 weapon.