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Version 0.13: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Scroll
Name Scroll of enchant armour
Icon Scroll of enchant armour.png

Reading a scroll of enchant armour allows you to immediately add +1 to the enchantment level of any piece of armour in your inventory (and uncurse the item, if it was cursed). This includes headgear, gloves, cloaks, boots, shields, or body armor. Unlike weapons, armour will always improve when affected by these scrolls unless they are already maximally enchanted. Whether the attempt succeeds or not, using the scroll on a piece of armour will identify it.

Note that artefact items can't be enchanted, so this scroll can only be used to uncurse them. This is generally a waste, as a scroll of remove curse will do the same task and is far more common. Body armor can be enchanted up to its base protection (for example, leather armour can be enchanted to +3, plate mail to +10, etc.). Barding can be enchanted to +4, shields to +3, and all other armour to +2. Artefacts can be generated with higher enchantments.

Enchanting armour to +5 will make it immune to corrosion. This means, in practice, that the only mundane armours which can be made resistant to corrosion are heavier body armours, i.e. ring mails and up, as well as all dragon armours. Bardings can be made nearly corrosion-resistant, with a 98% chance to resist at +4.

Alternatively, you can use this scroll to turn a troll or dragon hide into its corresponding armour. These armours come with additional benefits that render them extremely useful.

Tips & Tricks

If you don't have an obvious use for these scrolls, you can save them for when you need to satisfy the requirements of the treasure trove portal. Since they're relatively rare, if you don't have conservation, stash these as soon as you get them, lest they be destroyed by hostile fire arrows or magic.