Scroll of enchant armour

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Version 0.18: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Scroll
Name Scroll of enchant armour
Icon Scroll of enchant armour.png
A scroll that places an enchantment on a piece of armour chosen by the reader. Body armour and bardings can be enchanted up to the same value as their base AC. Bucklers, shields and large shields can be enchanted up to +3, +5 or +8 respectively, and other armour can be enchanted up to +2. Magical artefacts cannot be enchanted at all.

It can also be used to enchant the hides of certain exotic creatures.

Reading a scroll of enchant armour will immediately add +1 to the enchantment level of selected piece of armour in your inventory, increasing its AC or SH by 1.


These scrolls can affect any kind of armour, be it hats or helmets, gloves, cloaks, boots, shields, or body armour.

Artefacts cannot be enchanted by this scroll.

The enchantment cannot be increased once maximum enchant level (see below) is reached.

Maximum Enchantment Levels
Body armour +(Armour's base AC)
Barding +4
Shields +3 for Bucklers, +5 for Shields, +8 for Large shields
All other armour +2

Scrolls of enchant armour can be used to turn a dragon or troll hide into its corresponding armour. This initial effect will not increase the armour's enchantment; it will start from 0. These armours have additional benefits whose usefulness can vary depending on your type of character.


  • If you find multiple scrolls of enchant armour early in the game and possess multiple pieces of armour, it is a good idea to spread single enchantments across multiple pieces of gear, rather than pooling everything into one item. This will help to maximize your AC in the long run, as helmets, cloaks, gloves, and boots with additional AC enchantments are usually common in the early to mid game.
    • For example, you may find a +0 helmet and +0 cloak, and decide to use your scrolls to upgrade to a +2 helmet. If you come across a +2 helmet lying on the ground, the additional enchantment would be wasted had you originally decided to upgrade to a +1 helmet and +1 cloak instead.
  • It might be tempting to save scrolls of enchant armour for when you've found a dragon armour that you'd like to fully enchant and use for the rest of the game, but be aware that surviving that long is much more difficult if your defenses are miserably low. Don't be too stingy with these scrolls in the early- and mid-game if you're having difficulty progressing.
  • If you don't have an obvious use for these scrolls, consider saving them for potentially satisfying the requirements of a treasure trove portal.


Prior to 0.18, scrolls of enchant armour could remove curses on armour.

  • Prior to 0.8, increasing the enchantment level could fail if it was already high.
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