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Type Scroll
Name scroll of holy word
Icon Scroll of holy word.png
This scroll calls on the powers of Heaven to cause great damage to any nearby unholy creature - including you!

Reading a scroll of holy word slows, fears, and deals 3d15 + 1d10 damage to all undead and demonic targets in your LOS. If you are a worshiper of the good gods the damage is increased by your piety (a number between 0 and 200): 3d15 + 1d(10+piety/10) for the Shining One; 3d15 + 1d(10+piety/20) for Zin and Elyvilon. If you read this scroll and you are Undead or Demonspawn your hit points will be halved.

It is a rare scroll, but this effect can also be produced through Zin's Sanctuary ability or when the Shining One blesses a weapon.