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== External links ==
== External links ==
[http://r1gm.free.fr/Crawl/crawlSS_052_scrolls.txt E. Grasland's excellent spoiler on scrolls]
[http://r1gm.free.fr/Crawl/crawlSS_052_scrolls.txt E. Grasland's excellent spoiler on scrolls in 0.5.2]

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Type Scroll
Name Scroll of recharging
Icon Scroll of recharging.png

When read, a scroll of recharging will prompt you to select an item. If you select an item other than a rod or a wand, nothing will happen and the scroll will not self-identify.

If you select a rod, the rod will be improved in three ways.

  • Its maximum MP capacity will increase by 1-2 (up to a maximum of 17).
  • Its current MP will be completely restored.
  • Its enchantment level will increase by 1-2 (up to a maximum of +9). This affects its melee capabilities and speeds up its MP regeneration rate.

If you select a wand, the scroll will add charges to that wand, as shown in the following table:

Wand Charges Added Max Charges
Heal wounds
2 - 7 9
2 - 10 12
2 - 13 15
Magic Darts
Polymorph Other
Random Effects
2 - 22 24

Tips and tricks

There are only three scrolls that prompt you to select an item from your inventory: this scroll, the scroll of identify, and the scroll of enchant armor. Thus, when an unknown scroll prompts you to select an item from your inventory, it is best to select an unidentified wand or armor, in the hopes of not wasting the scroll.

This process can help you narrow down which of the three scrolls is which. The scroll of identify will ID no matter which item you use it on, as long as the item was itself unidentified. As for the other two, there are only two scenarios: you match the enchant armor or recharging scroll to the correct item (in which case it will auto-ID), or you will guess wrong and "nothing happens" (and you will now know to use the scroll on the other item type, inscribing the scroll or simply making a mental note to yourself if necessary).

When to use recharge scrolls, and on what, depends greatly upon a character's needs. If your character needs healing, recharge scrolls are probably best saved for healing wands. If your character has a high evocation skill, improving your permanent rods probably makes more sense than recharging temporary wands. If your character is not doing much with evocations, use the recharge scrolls as tactical recharges as necessary.

External links

E. Grasland's excellent spoiler on scrolls in 0.5.2